Q: What is Linworth Road Academy's mission?

Our mission at Linworth Road Academy is to support member families who home educate as they raise up their elementary and middle school-age children to their full potential as devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  (Matthew 28:19,20)

LRA exists to provide supplemental educational, extra-curricular, social, and ministry opportunities for LRA students as well as provide support and encouragement to homeschool families.

Q: How long has LRA been in existence?

Linworth Road Academy has been serving homeschool families for over 20 years-- two generations of homeschoolers.  It has changed and grown immensely through the years.


Where is LRA located?


LRA is a ministry of Linworth Road Church.  This is where most of our fun takes place!  Linworth Road Church is located on Linworth Road south of Dublin-Granville Road, and just west of Olentangy River Road.  The address is 5400 Linworth Road Columbus, OH 43235. 


Whom does LRA serve?

A: LRA serves its members who have chosen to home educate some or all of their children.  Group classes serve children from approximately age 4 through upper middle school age children. 
Q: How many families belong to LRA?
A: There have been as few as 35 and as many as 65 families in LRA.  LRA does have capacity limits for the classroom, which limits the size of the group to some degree.
Q: What types of group classes are available?


Younger elementary students (Preschool and Kindergarten) are instructed by one teacher covering various subjects.

Elementary students (generally in 1st grade or ages 6-7) are also instructed by an individual teacher covering various subjects.

Elementary students (roughly age 7 - 10 or 2nd - 4th grades) are divided into groups.  Each group rotates through four 45-minute classes: Art; Music; Phys. Ed.; and Hands-on-Math.

Middle School students rotate through three 60-minute classes: Art and Life Skills plus an elective.  5/6th grade (aged) children choose between Advanced/Competition Math, Karate or  Literature.  7/8th grade (aged) students choose between Advanced/Competition Math or Karate


Other classes or clubs are available in long or short term.   Notices are found on the website.

Q: How many students are in each class?

Group class sizes vary but all typically fall between 7 and 18 students.

Q: Can I be included if our family has chosen to participate in a state-sponsored education program?

Yes, though LRA does not promote these programs.  LRA does promote support of Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO) and Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

Q: What are the overall benefits of being a member family of LRA?

Group classes led by creative and enthusiastic teachers.

LRA families are welcome to participate in LRA events and activities.

Ministering to others is our benefit, not our obligation!  We receive the privilege of giving encouragement and support to others in the body of Christ.

Receiving support and encouragement from other homeschoolers!  There are many fellowship and friendship opportunities at LRA.

Enjoy many group benefits, such as discounted participation in our annual CAT Terra Nova testing to help our families to meet state home education requirements.

Student and family benefit - PRICELESS!


What obligations do parents have to the co-op and support group?


To abide by and sign the LRA Statement of Faith.

A responsibility to become informed regarding communications from and to LRA via handbook; LRA mailbox; email; website, phone, newsletters, sign-ups, and other forms of contact.  This includes an obligation to attend the annual LRA Open House.

Positive participation of students in classroom activities, which may include homework.

Helping in group class positions at least eight (8) times throughout the session, abiding by the requirement to seek a substitute helper should one be needed.  This commitment includes a one-time attendance of child safety class(es) at Linworth Road Church.

To choose an available event to assist in coordination and serve LRA accordingly.

To plan or assist in planning at least one field trip.

Prompt financial payment toward your LRA account in accordance with schedules set forth.


Q: Is child care provided for my younger children?

Child care is provided for teachers and helpers during group class time.  Child care is not available to parents who are not teaching or helping on a given day.

Exceptions to this are:

1) If a parent is in a planning meeting or preparation of an LRA event or activity.

2) Parents may utilize child care from 9:00 - 9:30.  The intent is that parents will use this time to relax with a cup of coffee to enjoy fellowship; catch up on mail; and other LRA business.

Q: What kinds of events and activities does LRA offer to the group?

LRA offers a wide variety of field trips, activities, and events... such as
Interest Fair, Speech Meet, World Friendship Day, and Science Fair.  Many
opportunities for support and fellowship... a well-known Book Sale...
and discounted testing for families....


How much does membership cost?


Membership Costs



Fee and deposit are non-refundable.


$35 Building Fee covers maintenance  costs for the church for those families who are not members of Linworth Road Church.



 Membership Enrollment


Enrollment Per Student

$ Savings per Student

April 5 - May 13


May 13 - July 31


A late payment fee (.5% per student) is added monthly to outstanding balances for payments made after the LRA Kick-off Meeting  until balance is paid in full. (Exceptions may be granted through policy standards).