Alabama Home School Coverings


Bridge Christian Academy
PO Box 462 Magnolia Springs, AL 36555
DuAnne Seeley Administrator
First Assembly Christian School
Attn: Conna McHenry
Robertsdale, AL
Phone: 251-946-2250
Central Christian School
Attn: Catherine Shelton
Robertsdale, AL


Christian Institute of Arts & Sciences, Inc.

2007 North 61st Ave

Pensacola, FL 32506

Phone: (850) 457-4058 Fax: (850) 458-5132


Abiding Love Fellowship

17644 County Rd 26 (Michigan Ave)

Foley, AL 36535.  tel:(251)943-1615





SALT Academy feels that each parent has the best interests of their children and their children’s education at heart. We believe that each parent knows his or her child and their habits, better than anyone and therefore, is the only teacher that a child needs. In keeping with this philosophy, we are a “hands off” cover school, which allows you, the parent, to guide your children in the direction, and at the pace, in which you feel best suits the needs of the child. We ask for only what the

law requires while offering support in several ways, including a database of quality resources and moral support, to aid each family in their endeavors.


Legal Church School covering, statewide.

 A year round, 365 day calendar that allows families to learn in a natural and flexible manner.

 Year round enrollment – Families may enroll at any time during the year

 Local field trips

 A Facebook page for field trip notifications and helpful information

Full support of all teaching methods including but not limited to eclectic, traditional and        unschooling

Diplomas issued by following the same standards, or higher, as set by the State of Alabama

Official transcript for graduating seniors (at no cost)

Official diploma for graduating seniors



 $50.00 per family, for up to three (3) children, per year. An additional $10.00 Enrollment Fee per child, after the third is added. For instance, if you have 4 children, your Enrollment Fee would be $50.00 + $10.00 = $60.00.

Enroll, or learn more, please check out our website-  or email us at:, or call 931-510-9275