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Gamma Xi Honor Society

Gamma Xi is a National homeschool Honor Society chapter established in the Fall of 2011. It is Sponsored by the BEACH and LFHSC homeschool groups of Baldwin County, AL. Membership is open to qualifying students 8th-12th grade who have met the following requirements, per the revised by-laws as of November, 2012:

Section 1. Eligibility – Students may apply as early as fall of their 8th grade year.  Seniors will not be accepted after December 31 of their senior year.  Membership is open to homeschooled students who meet the following criteria:

(A) Membership in LFHSC, BEACH, or a Baldwin County church school cover

(B) Fulfillment of the the homeschool requirement  (minimum 51% of schoolwork is homeschooled)

(C) Grade Point Average – a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale upon acceptance. 

(D) A qualifying test score defined as:

  • a standardized composite score of at least 90% on the IOWA or Stanford Achievement Test (complete battery) or
  • score of 180 on the PSAT  or
  • score of 26 on the ACT or
  • score of 1800 on the SAT.

The qualifying test must have been taken within the last 12 months, given in a group setting and not administered by the parent of the qualifying student.


Section 2. Application Requirements – Students must submit the following:

(A) Completed Application Form;

(B) Transcript - Parent or church school cover must provide a transcript at the time of application;

(C) Copy of the qualifying Test Score;

(D) Letter of Recommendation (1) – One letter of recommendation from an adult known to the applicant, not a family member;

(E) Applicant Essay – A brief essay of  no more than 200 words by the applicant stating why s/he wants to  join the Gamma Xi Chapter  and what s/he will contribute to the chapter in regards to service and/or leadership;

(F) Code of Ethics and Conduct – Each member is accepted for membership based on his/her academic merit, service and character.  Applicants must agree to the by-laws of Gamma Xi and sign the Code of Ethics and Conduct  (Article VI).  The Code of Ethics and Conduct states that the Gamma Xi Chapter (ESA) requires all members to reflect strong Christian principles in their conduct, words, and deeds; however, members are not required to be professing Christians.

Section 3. Attendance -  Members must attend required meetings. Excused absences can be granted due to exceptional circumstances by sending a written request to the Honor Society Parent Leader or to a   Sponsor of the Gamma Xi Chapter.  Excused absences may not exceed three per year.  (see Article IV Meetings)

Section 4. Community Service - Members must participate in at least one Gamma Xi Chapter service project per semester.

Section 5. Dues - $20 annually, due in the first semester of the academic year, or upon acceptance.

Section 6. Honor Cord – High School seniors in good standing may wear an Honor Cord (property of Gamma Xi), signifying Gamma Xi Chapter membership, during graduation ceremonies; the honor cord is to be returned promptly to the Parent Leader following graduation.  Honor Cords may be purchased by seniors at the discretion of the Parent Leader.

Section 7. Rescinding Membership - Membership in the Gamma Xi Chapter is a privilege and is not guaranteed simply by attaining academic requisites. Membership is subject to termination for failure to maintain the conditions set forth herein.

If you have questions, please contact Donna Williams at:  my3sonsclub@yahoo.com.