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How Summit Co-op Works

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1.  What exactly is a co-op?

There are many different types of co-ops.  Our co-op is defined as an academic co-op.   That basically means that our biology class is taught by a mom who really enjoys science and if you enjoy algebra, well, you might consider teaching algebra to the biology teacher’s student.  We share the responsibility of teaching our children.  You, as a parent/teacher, would be making plans and preparations for the students in your class, and in turn, you do not have to make many plans or preparations for the other subjects/classes your children are taking.  "Academic" means that we stress the actual academic subjects, i.e. math, sciences, and history, etc., as opposed to optional/elective courses (although we do offer several of these as the opportunity arises).  We operate much like a college.  We meet once each week (on Tuesday) for approximately 1-1/2 hour classes.  There are five class periods offered and you are free to choose which and how many classes your student takes.  Class work is done, "homework" is assigned to be completed and returned the following week.  IT IS STILL THE PARENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO OVERSEE ALL WORK BEING ACCOMPLISHED BY THE STUDENT.

2.  Will my student take all required classes at the co-op?

Not necessarily.  It depends on the teachers that step forward, what your student needs, availability of space in classes, etc.  The goal is to receive some help and take care of all other needs at home.

3.  How and when can we join?

Summit Homeschool Co-op is closing as of May 2016.

4. When and where is the meeting?


5.  When you have received my application, am I guaranteed admission for next year?

No!  We enroll a maximum of 60 students each year.  Returning students will have first priority.  Entrance will be greatly dependent on what you have to offer to the co-op, but please do not volunteer to do something that you have not prayed about and feel led to do.

6.  Do I have to teach in order to get in?

Remember we share the responsibility so we are looking for moms to lead a class.  Occasionally, we use a teaching team approach for the more intense classes.   However,  those willing to teach will get first priority.  All exceptions are at the discretion of the Head Administrators.

7.  What about my children under 6th grade?

Provisions for the siblings (1st - 5th grade) are dependent on the needs of the families currently enrolled in the co-op.  However, the need for this varies from year to year.  Please inquire at the meeting for further details.  

8.  Do I have to be a certified teacher in order to teach a class?

Absolutely not!  If you teach a subject that you enjoy, and teach it the same way you would to your own children, you will do a fine job!  Teachers are allowed to choose their own curriculum so they are comfortable with what they are teaching.  If a student or parent is not pleased with what is being taught in the class, they are free to pull their child from the class and teach it at home or pursue other possibilities.

9.  What is the fee for the co-op?

The current tuition fee is $100.00 per family for the year.  There is an additional church facility fee that can be covered through a fund raising opportunity.  We also offer a membership to H.E.R.I.  through a "group membership discount" which also includes a membership to FPEA.  The tuition fee does not cover books and supplies required for each class. The facilitator will give a class fee in advance of sign-up.

10.  Why can't I call you to discuss this?

Experience has shown that many, many people are interested in joining a co-op.  However, once all the information is received, they decide it might not be best for their family.  Rather than have our leaders spend their time explaining the same thing over and over again, we have chosen this method to conserve time and energy.  I am sure you too are a busy homeschooling family and can appreciate that we are striving to make the most of our time.  We trust this has answered many of the standard questions you have.  If not and you know someone presently in the co-op, please give them a call - they can give you firsthand knowledge of our group.  Otherwise, please hold your questions until we meet face to face at one of our informational meetings or email Debbie Bailey at Dbailey_1986@yahoo.com or Michelle Goodrich at msgoodrich@hotmail.com.

Thank you and Happy Homeschooling!!!!