Bay Area Classical Homeschoolers (BACH) Bay Area Classical Homeschoolers (BACH) Bay Area Classical Homeschoolers (BACH) Bay Area Classical Homeschoolers (BACH) Bay Area Classical Homeschoolers (BACH) Bay Area Classical Homeschoolers (BACH)

BACH Bylaws


Bay Area Classical Homeschoolers

Cooperative Bylaws


 Membership Requirements

Families interested in joining BACH must complete an application and meet with the Leadership Committee (or representative) for membership approval.  The basic requirements and expectations of co-op participants are:

1.       All members must be homeschooling with Tapestry of Grace classical Christian worldview curriculums, exceptions must be approved by leadership team.

2.      All participating children (except preschoolers) must be using Tapestry and science curricula in their respective learning levels.

3.       Members must participate in a subject planning group defined by the curricula determined by the leadership team, participate in scheduling activities for that subject planning group, and follow the schedule agreed to by the members of their planning group to teach the lessons they have obligated themselves to.

4.      While the depth of study for each particular subject is up to the parents, students must be prepared for each co-op class.

5.       Members must commit to BACH for a minimum of one complete year.  Except when removed or agreed upon by the Leadership team, members must complete the school year with the co-op.

6.      At least one parent must participate with their children at all BACH gatherings and events.  Exceptions to this are covered in detail in the Attendance section. 

7.       Parents must commit to lead in some form or fashion every moment of each BACH gathering and are expected to share in the responsibilities to ensure the successful operation of all events.

8.       Parents must profess Christian faith, agree with our Statement of Faith (submitting a signed copy), and agree to uphold BACH in prayer.

9.      Parents must agree to our policies and procedures.

10.      Parents and children must abide by our standards of behavior as outlined in the Student Behavior section.

11.     Members must pay the BACH facility/building and activity fees as determined each year according to schedule.

12.     Members must sign a Membership/Medical Health and Release Form for each child, each school year stating they agree with BACH bylaws, submit medical information in case of emergency and release the property management from responsibility of injury while at co-op. See “Membership-Med Info-Release Form for more details.


The Leadership Team of BACH consists of the following members:  Amy Jackson, Jessica Mitchell, Kimberly Smith, Shiloh Green, Jennifer Sapaugh, and Gina Warren.

All other leadership  duties are shared among members with commitments to lead in specific subject areas on co-op day, handling any needs/problems in those areas should they arise,  and participating in planning leadership meetings, as needed. 

Co-op Days

Co-op days will be scheduled before the start of the school year.  Each day begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Students should bring a water bottle and a snack to each co-op day, unless informed otherwise.

Nursery children will be cared for in the nursery room by the parents assigned and paid individual.

Preschool children will have their own class with Before Five In A Row or other classic literature based activities as the curriculum. The children will participate in fun and enriching developmentally appropriate activities.

Co-op days will consist of a public speaking activity, science, history, and fine arts.  Discussions, activities, and projects should be centered on the current month’s topic in each subject area.  Lesson plans will be posted the August prior to the school year. If any plan requires a video shown, that video must be listed in their class plans.  Parents have the right to object (in advance) to the showing of any particular video.  Parent objections will be considered by leadership team before a decision is made about any video to be shown.

All parents are expected to actively help carry out the plans of the leadership teams. Being un-engaged, talking while instructor is teaching and excessive physical absences from classroom during lecture is not acceptable.

We would ideally like to have one dad at co-op each month to assist with the set-up, daily activities and clean-up each day.  The designated dad will be oriented by document on the website.  We understand not all dads  can be at a co-op and this is not a required commitment.

Co-op Planning

All subject teaching teams must meet, plan and prepare for co-op in advance of the school year’s start.  Each teaching team will post supplies necessary for class a week prior but no later than the Friday before the week of co-op.

Learning Level Designations

1.  Lower Grammar (LG) – Kindergarten through first grade

2.  Middle Grammar (MG) – Students in second through third grade

3.  Upper Grammar  (UG)– Students in fourth grade, fifth and sixth grade

4.  Dialectic – Students in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade

5.  Rhetoric - Students on highschool level.

Public Speaking Guidelines

Students should be prepared to perform the assigned public speaking assignment in the first class of each day.  Public speaking assignments will be posted for the year before the school year begins.  Each child will be assessed with a specific evaluation form, found on the co-op website that they have printed, labeled with their name. 

Classroom Supplies

Each nursery child will need all the supplies necessary for their care in a day.

Each preschool child will need crayons, child-safe scissors, and glue sticks.

Each grade school age child should bring the following supplies for each day of co-op, in school box of some sort, the following:

  • Folder
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Stick glue or Elmer’s type glue
  • Colored pencils or crayons
  • Markers
  • Sharpened pencils
  • Kleenex


***Objects unrelated to learning, our historical period or science should not be brought to co-op; these items will be confiscated. Examples are: cell phones, MP3 players, electronic game players (i.e. Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Leapster, etc.), iPods, iPads, etc.***


Specifics TBA in the Spring.

History Celebration

We will hold at least one History Unit Celebration each year.  Parent teams will be assembled each responsible for planning one aspect of the celebration.  These events will vary in scope.  The Celebration is to will include period food, and presentations of larger projects, recitations, etc. to the entire audience.  The Celebration will allow us the opportunity to invite prospective future co-op families and family members to see how much “school” we really do! 

Cancellations and Attendance Issues

If a co-op needs to be cancelled because of weather or emergency circumstances, that cancellation will be posted on the website forum.  Members may also be contacted by telephone.  The co-op will be rescheduled for a later date.

Attendance is expected at all co-op classes and unit celebrations.  Exceptions will be made for vacations and sicknesses.  After one missed co-op day (without notification) a meeting may be called between the family and co-op leaders.

If your child(ren) are sick on co-op day, contact your subject teaching team, the co-op leadership team and post to forum.  Again this can be done by a phone call or email before 8 a.m.

If a parent is sick on co-op day, you can make arrangements to have another family bring your child only after you have contacted the co-op leadership for approval.  The purpose of this is to ensure we have enough parents attending for safe and adequate leadership for the number of children at the co-op that day.

Student Behavior

All students are expected to:

  • Show respect for adults and each other
  • Be attentive, listen and be obedient to instruction
  • Come prepared for each class (presentation, basic concept of time period, etc.)
  • Have a good attitude
  • Work diligently, participation required in all activities (not distracting others)
  • Clean up after themselves
  • Be with an adult at all times
  • Use soft, inside voice during co-op
  • Remain with your designated group, unless otherwise directed
  • Stay in approved areas of the co-op building
  • Walk in co-op building at all times, no running allowed.

All adults are responsible for making sure the children stay away from non-co-op equipment and follow behavior guidelines.  Parents are responsible for damages caused by children not following co-op guidelines.

Adults should follow the these procedures when any child needs to be corrected:

1.  First offense should be met with an oral correction reminding the student of the rules of conduct (i.e. be obedient; be respectful, etc.).

2.  The second offense should be met with a 5 minute cool down in or out of the group area and notify the parent.

3.  If a third offense occurs the child should immediately be brought to their parent where they will remain for the remainder of the day.  If the parent of the child is already with them, the parent will have to remove them from the group.

4.  If a child has to be removed from the group for consistent co-op days the child may lose membership priviledges as determined by the leadership team.

Student and Parent  Appearance and Dress Code

All students are expected to be dressed appropriately for all co-op activities.  Clothing with inappropriate phrases, logos or graphics are not acceptable and will require removal of the child and clothing to be changed before returning to the group. 

Unconventional, or extreme hair styles and colors are not allowed. 

Unconventional body piercings and/or tattoos must be covered or kept out of site by adults and children alike.  Further clarification of these guidelines may be sought from the leadership team.

Facilities and Fees

We are have been blessed to use the facilities of Providence Baptist Church, 3801 Preston Ave. in Pasadena.  Facility/building usage fees, along with website site membership fees are due August 31st of each school year.

Co-op members are expected to follow these facility guidelines at all times.  Your assistance in these areas is mandatory and greatly appreciated.  Specific items members must be aware of are:

In case of emergency, please contact the church office and co-op leadership immediately.

We are expected to stay in the areas to which we are assigned.  Roaming the building or going to, playing in, or meeting in other areas or rooms by members of the group is not permitted.

1.  Adults must supervise children and youth at all times.  Children must not be allowed to run or roam free in the building.

2.  We must clean-up and reset the area we are using at the end of each co-op day (unless special permission is given).  We are responsible for picking up and taking out trash, sweeping floors, wiping tables, counters, etc. as needed. 

3.  If the nursery is used at all during the day, the toys and equipment are to be cleaned as necessary.  Diaper pails and trash must be emptied.

4.  Restrooms that are used by the group shall be checked to be sure toilets are flushed, trash is picked-up and emptied, sinks wiped down, and lights are turned off.

6.  Before leaving make sure we’ve closed all doors and turned all lights off.

Member Support

One of the goals of BACH is to support each other as we school the “basics” and implement Classical Christian curricula in our homes, as well as attempt to raise our children with a Christian worldview.  The following resources are available to our members: 

Fellowship opportunities are offered at least once each unit by the Social Coordinator.  Members are encouraged to attend, but of course it’s optional.

Conflict Resolution

Whenever there is a group this size, it is important to expect that there will be areas where we can improve.  We will meet each semester to re-evaluate where we are going.  While we are all Christians, sometimes our flesh gets in the way and we may not act “Christ like” during a conflict.  We all agree that if there is a problem, we will not grumble or complain about it to other members of the co-op or to others outside the co-op, but will take the following steps as outlined in Matthew 18 instead:

1.  If you have a problem with another member, go to that member and try to work it out.

2.  If that fails, bring the matter before the Leadership Committee.    

All members agree to abide by the resolution offered by the Committee.  No resolution will be offered until the Committee has had a chance to pray about the matter.