History of North Baldwin Christian Academy

North Baldwin Christian Academy  became a small homeschool group of parents in 1995. We started out as just a group of mothers that participated in a preschool program  in one of the members  home. As  stay at home moms with kids and time on our hands we developed a strong bond.

We formed a home preschool program and grew from there. The more incidents we had with the public school system and our school age children the more we began to explore the background and laws of homeschooling. We formed a small group of parents that wanted to have more say in what our children were exposed to and what they would learn in the early years of education.

We love the atmosphere of teaching in our home.  We use this group as a resource for homeschooling parents that need christian  fellowship and encouragement in the raising of their children.   We have shared so much and grown  close together as a group of  wonderful homeschooling families living in Baldwin county.


NOTICE: We are the North Baldwin Christian Academy .