Bible Bee

Kick-off Fellowship June 19

5-8pm at FEAST

Registration extended through July 15!
$25 per student 

We are very excited to host the Local Bible Bee at FEAST once again this year! Registered participants are invited to attend the FEAST Bible Bee information and fellowship meetings on June 19 and July 17 from 5-8pm. Register at to learn all about the online test, on August 6. Top test scores will be announced at our Local Bible Bee Awards Celebration to be held at FEAST on August 13 at 2pm.

For questions or to volunteer to help with the meetings, contact We can’t wait to see you there! 


What is the Bible Bee?

The Bible Bee is a family Bible summer study that brings families together around God’s Word, gives incentives for Studying and memorizing, and encourages likeminded fellowship with other families. To join, you’ll need to register your family at Family Discounts register four students at regular price and additional family members are only $5 each!