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Vera Billingsley
(210) 433-9528


Home school mom and experienced teacher. All ages, all grades, including kinder readiness. Special Education (Overcoming Learning Difficulties)
German and French. Nutritional counseling. 20 years experience swimming, water safety instruction and aerobics. Certified Bob Jones University SAT Tester, Stanford Achievement, Iowa Basic Skills, California and Otis/Lennon IQ tests and test prep.

Debbie Shackleford
(210) 673-0430
Experienced Teacher. All ages, all grades, including kinder readiness. Special Education welcome

Hugh Ames
(210) 495-2626
Individual subjects, not all together. All subject grades 1st-12th, specializing in reading and math. Plus ACT and prep.

Gaye Sidarous
(210) 494-0057
Tutors all subjects in Elm. Grades and tutors middle & high school subjects math and science, also teaches piano.

Susannah Worth, Ph.D.
(512) 487-0667
Experienced teacher/tutor, all ages, all subjects except science and math. Expertise in English reading and writing, history. Currently in Austin area, but will move for right position. All curriculums, will discuss if Common Core  curriculum is considered. 

Mike Barboak
(210) 481-0701
(210) 832-5625
Teacher at St. Anthony High School for over 20 years. Master in education / $25 per hour plus $0.30 per mile if traveling.

Barbra Johnson
(210) 832-6105
**Lives in Ft. Worth--Offers individual lessons in Math, Algebra, Geometry, English, Social Studies, Reading comprehension and Vocabulary, will also home school for families.

Blanca Trevino
(210) 438-9927
All subjects for 1st-12th grade.

Bobby Sena
(210) 496-1846
Tutors all subjects for grades 1st-5th, and all subjects except math & science for grades 6th-12th.

Janet Otness
(210) 561-7817
All subjects 5th-12th. Specializes in math & science.

Letitica Knipe
(832) 465-02775 years in classroom, 1 year tutoring experience.4th-8th, 8th-12th science teacher--TEA certified, reading, writing, math, all science and language arts.

Rita Potts
(210) 375-0974
Special Education. Certified teacher Pre-K--4th. Will home school your children. All subjects. Will talk with multiple families Lives near Schertz. Will go to child's home. Has curriculum that can be used if wanted.

Mary Jones
(210) 767-0131-home phone
Elementary (K-7th) All subjects. 8th-12th Math, English, Biology and Spanish. Testing for all grades, Certified diagnostition. Helps parents home school their children.

Maria McCandless
(210) 523-5943
Spanish all levels. All subjects. Elementary including piano and violin..
Retired Teacher- B.A., M.ED., 33 yrs. exp. * PK-8 Certified Elem. & Bilingual - All Subj. & Elem. also  HS Spanish $20 hr. *  Beg. Piano-Violin $15. 1/2 hr. *  410/Evers. 523.5946 or  txt. 232.1476  * Flexible hrs. - 2nd child discount *  Positive Reward System  *  Maria McCandless  -

Lynne Tagawa, B.Ed. 
(210) 544-4397;
Secondary math and science.  Includes: general math, pre-algebra, algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry/precalculus. 
Science includes general science, life science, earth science, physical science, biology, chemistry, physics, human anatomy and physiology.
Available for homeschool "co-op" classes or one-on-one tutoring with your curriculum.

Augustus "Gus" Young
3rg - 6th Grade
Math, Science and ESL

Michelle Salmon
(210) 771-7194
I tutor all subjects grades 3-8 with the most experience in English, reading, and writing.

Susan Street
Northeast/East San Antonio is closest to me, or will travel to you or meet at your local library Texas certified teacher 1-8 all subjects, 1-12 in English and Geography, former 6th grade teacher Over 10 years experience with individual tutoring in various grades, including college English Currently teaching at Alamo Comm College, working on PhD, and I LOVE seeing the "light" go on when a student finally gets it.