Civics Class


Wednesday, September 17th 9:45- Noon

 Please join us again on September 17th on Constitution Day for an informative and enjoyable time with Rep. John Shields and Mrs. Amy Clark, a favorite speaker to our class!!  Mr. Shields spoke to our group many years ago when we were in a different location at FEAST. He has many amazing stories and great life lessons to share with us. He will share about the US Constitution, Mr Snowden, the NSA and the 4th Amendment. He will engage in our usual question and answer time. If you have a copy of the Constitution, bring it to the class. NO writing is required but notebooks are encouraged.  Entire families are invited to attend. Arrive by 9:45 to meet and greet and enjoy special music. Speakers like to arrive early. Please be on time. We show respect and honor by being on time and in place before the speakers. Please make an extra effort to arrive promptly by 9:45. Please do not wear shorts or immodest clothing. Business casual attire would be appreciated.

Complimentary lunch will be served. RSVP is needed to ensure plates for lunch.  Whole families are invited. We look forward to seeing you. Please sign up on this website AND email Gale at Questions are encouraged.


John Howard Shields is an attorney in San Antonio,Texas who is a former member of the Texas House of Representatives from Bexar County. John served five two year terms in the House of Representatives in Austin. Shields has received a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina and a Masters of Arts from Trinity University in San Antonio. In 1988, Shields received the Juris Doctor degree from St Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio. In addition to his law practice, Shields is currently a professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is an expert in constitutional law and political science. Mr Shields is happily married to Marsha Shields. They have one lovely daughter and one adored grand baby.


Taking a Closer Look:
Civics Field Trip

We organized an impromptu field trip to the State Board of Education meeting in Austin on July 18. The chairman of the Texas State Board of Education opened the floor of the meeting to hear comments and concerns from citizens about the marginalizing of major historical events, and famous Americans. The minimal treatment of topics such as the faith and lives of our Founding Fathers, American Military History, and a long list of historical characters that have been staples in our history program were relegated to sidebars–if included at all. The newest edition of the Advanced Placement U.S. History curriculum fails to accurately document our history, and illustrate the greatness of the struggle and beauty of character demonstrated in the forging of our nation. It especially ignores the part our Christian faith has played in the rise of our nation. John Pradia turned a toy hat into a tri-cornered cover, and, Paul Pradia polished up a few of his fife tunes to help get into character. Laura Pradia wore her antebellum dress that she made for another event and a corset to top it off.  As we walked to the meeting, people of all walks of life stopped us to comment and ask questions about the costumes. It was a wonderful learning experience.

What is the Civics class?

Our Civics class meets each month at FEAST. The FEAST civics coordinator, Gale Sayers, spends many months a handling arrangements with many local and state politicians and government and civic leaders in preparation for our free Civics Classes. It is a time to meet and greet our leaders in a casual setting. Our honored guests make unique presentations to the attendees and engage in open conversations with the group. Children and parents frequently testify publicly to the growth in their lives as a direct result of the ministry of the class. It is a joy to watch them grow in confidence and in boldness monthly. All glory to God and thanks to the leaders who attend and invest in these lives. Dress code is business casual. No shorts please. Please be modest in your dress. Skirts or dresses to knee length with no visible undergarments. No hats on male attendees. Thank you for honoring our guests in this manner.

Whole families are invited! There are no age limits(babies are loved and enjoyed here) and parents/grandparents do attend with the children. The class is very child-friendly. However, students must have at least one parent/adult in attendance unless a special arrangement has been made. Your faithful participation will ensure the success of these events, so please make it a priority on your family’s calendar to be physically present. NO writing is required, but personal notes are strongly encouraged. NO tests  are given. Many thanks for your continued prayers.  Please bring your most generous love offering for FEAST to help to defray costs. We seek to honor God. To Him be all praise and glory. 

Questions?  Email Gale Sayers at

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