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By developing God given abilities and talents through hard work,
dedication, perseverance and the pursuit of excellence we honor God.

Athletics also offers life lessons. Things like:
• being part of a team • learning to work together • encouraging one another

    In addition to building life long memories and cementing relationships, athletics helps to establish an active lifestyle.
Seek to honor the Lord and serve others by becoming the best you can be.

Our athletic program helps us to bring to realization our goal of educating the whole child.



From Your Athletic Director:

I know it’s hot, but fall is just around the corner! Fall sports such as Cross country, Volleyball, Football, and Middle School Soccer programs are already in full swing. Basketball is in the midst of its two month skills camp with tryouts for all ages coming up at the end of this month. Pleaseclick on the logos below to check out each individual sports’ page for more information on any of these sports.

One thing which struck me when we were meeting with parents this year in the volleyball, soccer and basketball meetings is how extraordinarily cheap our programs are for our members. Soccer, volleyball, and basketball in comparable AAU or club programs would cost you up to five times what our season fees are! It is always the goal of our commissioners to keep these season fees down and affordable since just like you, they are home school parents who have to pay for everything connected with their kids. And know this, if the season fee does not fit into a single monthly budget, we are always ready to set up a payment plan for your family so that your kids can participate and not strap you financially.

Hang in there, the temperatures will cool off, and fall is coming!


What's in season now?




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FEAST offers sports for middle and high school age children.
Football | Volleyball| Baseball| Basketball| Soccer
Tennis | Golf| Softball | Track & Field| Cross Country

Are you interested in coaching for FEAST? If so, please click on the link to fill out the appropriate application.

If you have never coached before, please click here to fill out an application for new coaches.

If you have coached previously, please click here to fill out an application for returning coaches.

 Attention returning coaches:

Please fill out the Season Wrap Up Report

GO Patriots!

Message from the FEAST Athletics Office

The FEAST Sports Program is blessed to make available various sports for the home school student. We are planning now for the next school year with camps and training sessions to prepare students for athletic competition. So if you are experienced, or have never played a sport before, now is the time to get plugged in.

Download the FEAST Athletics Handbook (requires PDF reader). Click here to view FEAST Athletics Eligibility Rules.

In order to participate in any FEAST sport you must read and agree with the Liability Release and Medical Waiver.

If you need to report an incident, please do so using our online form.

For questions, contact the Sports Office (210) 342-4674 ext. 14

*NOTE: You must be a Patriot Pass holder in order to participate in any FEAST sport. The Patriot Pass is $125 per family per year. Click here to read more about the Patriot Pass.


Participation in the FEAST athletic program can offer many advantages for your home school student. The primary purpose for the FEAST athletic program is to provide a place to play sports in a supportive atmosphere for your home educated athlete. Our goal is development and demonstration of Christian character on and off the field and courts of competitive sports in the community. To that end, we strive to balance the competitive nature of the athletics program with providing the opportunity for character development.


Check out the Athletics Calendar for game dates and times.