Christian Home Educators of West San Antonio (CHEWSA)
Stephaney Cooper
Membership fee: $10 annually per family
This is a Christian support group open to all, whose mission is to encourage and equip families to fulfill God's commands in educating children for a life of service to Christ. With an emphasis on relationship building CHEWSA seeks to educate the whole person; spirit, soul, mind and body. We strive to foster close relationships with group activities such as field trips, PE, academic presentations, and moms' gatherings. Our group represents families in the Westcreek and surrounding areas-striving to build tight knit relationships for ourselves and our children.

Hill Country Home School Scouts
(Bulverde and surrounding areas)

Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts
Gwendolyn Hays
Restricted to girl scouts and cub scouts
Membership fee: $10 per family for dues & registration to Girl Scouts of America or Boy Scouts of America
We are a scouting organization for families of home schooled children.

Home School Happenings
(San Antonio, New Braunfels, & Seguin)

Amy Cerda
No membership fee
Open to all faiths.
An on-line support group.
Focuses on supporting parents and providing information for local families.

Home Team
Jan Rodriguez
Deborah Perez
We are a Homeschool field trip and support group for Christians on the NE side of San Antonio and surrounding areas. We get together mostly on Thursdays and Wednesdays for play time or organized field trips AND offer fun Fridays at parks! 

Our Home Teen group is part of Home Team and offers teen activities every month. Our teen group is for ages 12 to 18yrs. We often have special activities for the teens at our weekly Friday park days too!

All members must have at least one homeschooled child that is 4 years or older to enjoy the membership - as most field trips are aimed at kinder and older. We encourage all members to join in on at least one activity a month when possible. We do require that members attend at least once every 3 months.

Parents Association for Texas Home School, Proverbs 3: 5, 6 

Mattie H. Alonso - Founder/Director
210-995- 2043
Teresa K. Price - Group Meeting Director
P.A.T.H.S. is planning it’s 2nd Annual Senior Class 2010, Cap & Gown Ceremony. Last year P.A.T.H.S. had 24 participating graduates from the San Antonio area and surrounding cities. This Senior Graduation ceremony will commemorate their achievement as they complete their final year of secondary school. It is urgent that if you wish to have your child/senior participate please join early and come join our meetings, which are held once a month. We will be accepting no more than 30 seniors. The senior and at least one parent must be a Christian. For questions or meeting information please contact Teresa K. Price., this years Group Meeting Director for P.A.T.H.S. or if you have questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Mattie H. Alonso. P.A.T.H.S. President-Director/Founder of P.A.T.H.S. We are a Christian faith based group.

Randolph Area Military Christian Home Educators (RAMCHE)
Restricted to Christian military families.
No membership fee!

They support the parents by providing weekly play days for the children, and the parents use that time to visit and ask questions of fellow home schoolers. Also have a monthly Family Dinner Out, where the whole family meets with other whole families - a chance for dads to meet, and all families can visit and encourage one another.

San Antonio Christian Homeschoolers

We serve ALL of San Antonio and surrounding areas. 
Everyone is welcome. 
Our yearly fee is $25
Our purpose is to offer support, resources, educational activities, and encouragement to Christian homeschooling families in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Members enjoy: Park Days, Moms Fellowship, Field Trips, Family Fellowships, Monthly “FUNschooling” Enrichment/Co-Op, THSC & HSLDA Membership Discounts, Quarterly Support Meetings with a variety of presentations on homeschooling topics, and more!

San Antonio Homeschool Fun & Learning (SAHFL)
Beth Barfield
(210) 590-4562.

San Marcos Home ED Group
Peggy Griffin

Supporting Homeschoolers In the North East (SHINE)
(Schertz, Universal City, and surrounding areas)

Assistant Director - Wendy Clayton

(North East San Antonio/New Braunfels/Cibolo)

Pam Epstein
(210) 639-1188 Will be using the Tapestry of Grace curriculum Year 1 in Fall 2007 for all levels K-12.

Pat Valdez

Homeschool website that informs and supports those interested in home schooling in the Alamo area. ALL homeschoolers welcomed!

Please be respectful of each other.

Why Join?

1. Homeschool Updates
2. Free Stuff
3. Resources
4. Events
5. Teaching Materials
6. Support
7. Scholarships
8. Volunteer programs
9. Classifieds
10. Free Advertising to Homeschoolers

Please send an introductory e-mail of yourself when you subscribe.

Destiny homeschool moms

Welcome! This group is created to serve homeschool families at Destiny Church (in San Antonio, TX). This sight is inteded to serve you in staying informed in various matters which involve homeschooling. This resource will hopefully help you recieve encouragement and support as well as helping us organize field trips, or any other school-related activities. If you wish to announce or organize anything, simple post it and then we all have an oportunity to reply to the post.

This is a private group. If you know of anyone wanting to join, you may give them the link, and I will either approve or reject their involvement until I or one of you know them and can vouch for them. Although my intention is not to reject someone, I do feel it important to keep our kids safe. Thanks for understanding.
It is our hope that the San Antonio Homeschoolers list will bring people together and allow you to meet people you would not ordinarily know. This list is set up to discussion home education in and around San Antonio and 1) to learn about new techniques for accomplishing our goal of educating our children; 2) to find answers to your quandaries in your day to day efforts to educate your children; and 3) to share information about home education in and around San Antonio.