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We are dedicated to assisting you in offering your student their dreams of higher education. All of the options available to homeschoolers after high school can get overwhelming. Our College and Career department will help you and your student through the transition from home education to college and beyond. On this page you will find information about upcoming events, tips on scholarships and testing, frequently asked questions, and much more!


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Discover Business Degrees: In-depth Education Resource

Deadlines extended to November 16

The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving academically talented youth. As a global leader in gifted education, Duke TIP works with students, families, and educators to identify, recognize, challenge, engage, and support gifted youth in reaching their highest potential. More than 2.8 million students have benefited from TIP programs and resources since 1980. TIP’s talent identification, academic, and research programs now serve as worldwide models for the education of gifted students.

Good News!

Newly Revised Test Best! - Test Best has been Revised and now comes in Stanford Math & Stanford Reading. It is used for both the Stanford and Iowa practice testing. Click here to learn more!


Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) - LACK OF MONEY is the main reason prospects give for not going to Texas A&M...Well this excuse is no longer valid. Find out why here!


Partnering with you to promote Christian higher education - The Christian Connector has launched a Christian College Scholarship Resource page on their website.  Home school students can take advantage of this great free service which will allow students to search for different types of scholarships of interest offered at the participating Christian 

colleges.  The schools included provided over $150 million in scholarships last year alone!  

Click HERE for scholarship info Our description for our site is below:
Online Colleges - Search online for accredited schools and scholarships. 


College and Career Resources: is a free Christian Higher Education Resource Center is a helpful resource for Career Exploration and Job Analysis

Online Christian College Resources:

Take a look at this guide to affordable online college options:

Everychanceeverytexan a resource for Texas Scholarships!

Learn more about the ASVAB - Career Exploration Program - offered free at FEAST

SAT Info: Find out more information at their website:

ACT Info: Find out more information at their website:

Texas Colleges and Universities:

What Will They Learn: A guide to what college rankings won’t tell you (

Search online for accredited schools and scholarships: (


FAQ's About Home Schoolers and College

  • How can I successfully teach my own children if I have not been trained? A vast variety of curricula options and resources are available, including curriculum that takes on a step-by-step instructional approach, curriculum types that require intensive parental preparation, DVD or computer-based programs that require parental supervision with very little preparation, and many other styles created to meet your needs as an educator.

  • Will colleges accept my home school transcript and diploma? Yes. Some colleges and universities are friendlier toward home schoolers than others, so some will be easier to work with. In Texas, state colleges are required to accept a home school graduate’s diploma and transcript and to treat a home school graduate just as they would any other applicant. Home school graduates are accepted at most colleges and universities around the nation, and are even recruited by many.

  • How does my graduate receive his diploma? When a student meets the requirements set by his school for graduation, he may receive a diploma.

  • What is required for graduation from home school? Home schools in Texas are private schools for the purpose of compulsory attendance and are not regulated by the state. Therefore, home schools, just as other private schools, set their own graduation standards. There is no minimum age requirement for graduation.

  • How do I provide a transcript for my high school graduate? There are several sources for transcript template kits and/or software that you can simply fill in based on your own grading records. These tools can help you determine what information needs to be included. You should sign your name at the bottom as the administrator of the school and date it. You might even want to get it notarized.


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Home School Honor Societies - Home school honor societies are a wonderful way to recognize your teens’ accomplishments. Learn more here.


SAT  Test Preparation - Click here for the final installment of articles about how to prepare for the SAT test. We are thankful for Mrs. Martin’s efforts to help home schoolers prepare for the SAT. In addition to her great tips and resource list, we want to remind our MANNA readers that the FEAST Bookstore also has resources available to help prepare your children for the SAT.



Where are you headed with home schooling?  The link below lists colleges and universities in the state of Texas, along with basic information about those institutions.  Texas Colleges and Universities:

Also, the following link will help you consider the curriculum that your young person will receive at various colleges across the country.
After years of thinking carefully about your curriculum choices, doesn’t it make sense to do the same for college?  Do your homework on colleges together!

What Will They Learn: A guide to what college rankings won’t tell you (