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Practical Know How for a Debt and Indoctrination Free
College Degree: Dual Credit, Credit by Exam and More
Wednesday, October 15, 1pm at FEAST

Traditional and Online Dual Credit at the Alamo Colleges and other local and online universities: application, registration and graduation. Credit by exam (CLEP, AP, DSST, and others): scheduling, study helps and wise choices for credit that counts. Practical tools for putting it all together to create a debt and indoctrination free degree plan.

Bring a smart phone and leave with a plan in your pocket. This workshop is free for all Patriot Pass holders, $10 for non-Patriot Pass holders. Click here to RSVP.

PSAT Testing
Wednesday, October 15, 8-11:30am
Registration has closed.

Spaces are limited, so register ASAP to reserve your student’s seat. Click here to register.
FEAST is thankful to announce that home school students, grades 7 – 12, will once again be allowed to take PSAT test with the Christian Academy of San Antonio (CASA). Limited seats are available, and the fee is $40 per student. All registrations and scheduling will be done through FEAST for all home schoolers. Please contact Ruth Perez at if you have questions. Please do not call the school for any reason. Families that do not abide by this request will be dropped from the testing list without refund.

For complete information on the test schedule, requirements for admittance to the test site, and rules, click here.

ASVAB Testing
Friday, October 17,
10am – 1pm
Deadline to sign up: Friday, October 10

The test is open to all students 15-19 years old and in 10th - 12th grades. Students who are considered freshmen or high school graduates are not eligible to participate. The ASVAB Career Exploration Program is a FREE career planning and exploration program that combines a multiple-aptitude test with an interest self-assessment and a wide range of career exploration tools. Taking this test can be helpful to virtually all students, whether they are planning on immediate employment after high school in civilian or military occupations, or further education at a university, community college, or vocational institution. The test will be administered at FEAST Friday, October 17, at 10am. Results will be given to students at the post-test interpretation workshop on Friday, November 7, at 10am. Visit for more information. Click here to sign up.

Partnering with you to promote Christian higher education

THE Christian Connector has launched a Christian College Scholarship Resource page on our website.  Home school students can take advantage of this great free service which will allow students to search for different types of scholarships of interest offered at the participating Christian colleges.  The schools included provided over $150 million in scholarships last year alone! 

Click HERE for scholarship info

SAT Info:

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ACT Info:

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Where are you headed with home schooling?  The link below lists colleges and universities in the state of Texas, along with basic information about those institutions.  Texas Colleges and Universities:

Also, the following link will help you consider the curriculum that your young person will receive at various colleges across the country.
After years of thinking carefully about your curriculum choices, doesn’t it make sense to do the same for college?  Do your homework on colleges together!

What Will They Learn: A guide to what college rankings won’t tell you (

For EVEN MORE College Info check out these links: 

Newly Revised Test Best!

Test Best on the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT/10)

Test Best has been Revised and now comes in Stanford Math & Stanford Reading. It is used for both the Stanford and Iowa practice testing. When you need effective test preparation with authentic practice, Test Best on the SAT/10 is the best solution, offering one full book on reading skills and one on math skills. The proven Test Best model - grade-level appropriate instruction, authentic practice, test-taking strategies, comprehensive yet easy-to-use material - gives you everything you need to help your children succeed. This best-selling program is completely updated to align with SAT/10 enhancements. Exercises for students are in Student Edition only, there are no answers. Answers and directions are only in the Teacher's Edition. Grade levels are from third to eighth grade.

Student Book $8.10
Teacher Edition $12.45

Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

LACK OF MONEY is the main reason prospects give for not going to Texas A&M...Well this excuse is no longer valid. If a prospect really wants to be an Aggie in The Corps the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) could be the answer. The SMP is an excellent internship between the Texas National Guard and the Army ROTC, which can provide all the financial assistance required for a student to attend Texas A&M. If a prospect begins in high school, this program can pay up to $131,785 to attend Texas A&M and become a dedicated Texas Army National Guard Officer. If the prospect doesn't want to be tied to the Guard and wants to go on Active Duty, the SMP program will pay $101,785. Remember, total cost to attend Texas A&M over four years is less than $80,000. If you have a high school prospect looking for college funds direct them to look into this program. For details contact Spencer Bulger (866) 759-0737.

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