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Co-op Orientation
Please complete your 2014-15 Co-op Orientation Form by clicking here to review the Orientation slides (It is in PDF format.), and turn it into the co-op office. Be aware that the orientation is MANDATORY for all registered co-op families prior to the beginning of classes.

2014-2015 Registration has closed.

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Theme Days:

October 7 & 9 - Camo Day (wear your camouflage)


November 11 & 13 - Hat Day (wear your favorite hat)



Picture Day
Thursday, October 16
(In Burwood Hall

Poinsettia Fundraiser $12 each
Pre-orders begin October 14
Pick up - November 18




As always, FEAST Co-op could not function without our volunteers. Partner up with us by sharing your talents and continuing to glorifying HIM by volunteering.

  • Campus Monitors
  • Greeters
  • Study Hall Attendants
  • Kitchen Cleanup Crew
  • Fundraising
  • General Photographer
  • Social Events Set-up/Clean-up
  • End of the day Clean-up

FEAST Co-op Student Council

The Student Council is an organization created for the purpose of providing services and support for the FEAST Co-op home school families through Christian fellowship. The FEAST Student Council purpose includes the following but is not limited to: provide student involvement and ideas, hands on learning, leadership training, promotes teamwork, and demonstrates a heart for service and cooperation. Students meet on Thursday from 12-12:25pm at FEAST. If you have any questions or need more information, contact Student Council at

Feast Student Council Officers
President – Nicholas Vrzalik
Vice President - Abigail Philips
Secretary – Sarah Newman

About the FEAST Co-op

The FEAST Co-op program is a great way to get your child involved with other home school children as they participate together in academics and electives.

The primary purpose for the FEAST Teaching Co-op is to provide additional options for parents as they continue to seek the Lord for His provision for their children's education. It is also to give an opportunity for members of the Body of Christ to make their gifts and talents available to others. It is not the purpose of FEAST to undermine the authority or confidence of parents in any way. Neither can it be a replacement for parent involvement. An added bonus is the opportunity to encourage one another through Christian fellowship.

The FEAST Co-op is not a typical school situation. The parent is completely responsible for their child/children, even while they are at the Co-op and even if parents ARE NOT on campus.  Thursday Co-op has mandatory Devotions from 12:30 to 12:50pm.  Devotions provide a break time for students to have lunch and down time, but in a supervised Godly manner.  No specific doctrine will be taught during devotions only Bible lessons.  Every family who stays on campus at this time must attend devotions.  This includes Co-op students, parents and siblings.  This being said we have instituted rules and guidelines which are available in our CO-OP Handbook (see link below). All parents and students MUST send an email to if you are unable to attend the orientation on July 17th, 2014. A copy of our handbook may be viewed and printed out here.

We thank the Lord for every one of our teachers. Without their talents and skills our co-op would not have flourished as much as it has. They are all approved by the FEAST Co-op office with a minimum of two references. Their teaching materials have also been approved and all classes are taught from a Biblical, Christian worldview. Our teachers are self-employed, independent contractors.

If you have a talent or gift that you would like to share with others through teaching, please fill out a Teacher's Application Form by selecting the Teacher Application Icon below.

Read the Teacher's Handbook and  submit the completed forms to The deadline for submitting applications for the Fall Semester of 2015-2016 is February 1, 2015.  If you feel you would like to teach a class that FEAST does not offer or cannot do without, please submit the Teacher Application  and the Class Information Form, and we will review your request. 

Attending FEAST Co-op Classes

  • Purchase your Patriot Pass (non-refundable).
  • Read the Co-op Handbook .  All families must agree to follow FEAST Co-op Guidelines and Procedures.
  • Pay your non-refundable co-op registration fee ($50 for 1 student or $100 per family for the 2014/2015 school year). The registration fee is payable in the bookstore, over the phone, or online via PayPal.
  • Complete the co-op orientation before starting classes (available on the co-op web page).
  • Pay your first month's class fees along with your semester supply fees.
  • Class fees are payable to the teacher (cash, check or money order only) and may ONLY be paid in the FEAST Co-op Office.
  • FEAST Co-op is a full year commitment. 

    Important Co-op Dates

Classes will be as scheduled unless otherwise stated on the Co-Op Information Page

or 7/31/14
First Day of Fall Classes
Closed for Thanksgiving
Last Day of Fall Classes
Co-op Christmas
Closed for Christmas  
First Day of Spring Classes  
Spring Break 3/09-3/13 2015
Last Day of
Spring Classes
Co-op Social  

FEAST Facility Map

If you need to report an incident, please do so using our online form