Patriot Pass FAQs

What is a Patriot Pass? Why is it required?
It is an annual family pass that cost $125 (only one pass required per family, per year) which includes many benefits. It enables FEAST families to register for any of the programs offered such as Civics, Co-Op, Sports, Workshops, Special Events, etc. It is necessary to help fund and support the general expenses of FEAST so FEAST can maintain and improve services and facilities for current home school families and those in the future. 

If my family pays for a Patriot Pass then later decides not to participate in FEAST activities, may I get a refund?
Due to the nature of how Patriot Pass funds are dispersed, no refunds are available.

What about my current MANNA subscription. Can I get a refund?
No refunds are available for the $20 subscription fee paid within the last 12 months; however, you will continue to receive the MANNA.

What about people that live far away that will not be doing anything with FEAST but just want the newsletter. Can they subscribe? Will it still cost $20? 
Yes, they can subscribe, no fees are required to receive the MANNA. The MANNA is a service FEAST provides to all home schooling families in South Texas and beyond this area as we seek to be a clearing house of information for the home school community, which is the primary purpose for FEAST.

I am a Co-op teacher, coach or employee at FEAST, but I do not have children who will be participating in any activities. Do I need to purchase the Patriot Pass? 
No, your participation at FEAST in this role does not require a Patriot Pass.  You may still purchase a Patriot Pass in order to receive all the benefits that the Patriot Pass provides.

I am a Co-op teacher, coach or employee at FEAST with children who will participate in FEAST activities. Do I need to purchase the Patriot Pass?
Yes, all families who have children participating in FEAST activities will need to purchase a Patriot Pass. 

Do I need to have a Patriot Pass to attend the annual convention?
No, FEAST's convention is open to anyone who wants to attend. Tickets may be purchased online or at the door. Patriot Pass holders attend the convention free of charge.