Testing Requirements

Some of the information on this page was sourced from the website of St. Margaret's Fellowship, a Sioux Falls area Catholic homeschooling support group.  Our thanks to them for this info, please visit their website in our Links.

Nationally standardized achievement tests need to be taken in grades 4, 8 and 11. If your 11th grader is age 18 or older, they are no longer under compulsory attendance and therefore not required to be tested.  If your 11th grader is under 18, and has taken an ACT or SAT test, those results can be submitted to satisfy their testing requirement.

The SD Department of Education does not have a list of accepted achievement tests. They accept all standardized achievement tests that test over Reading/English and Math and present their results in percentile form. Parents may choose to test other subjects if desired, but they are not required.

Homeschoolers may request a test from their local school district or may choose to provide their own. Parents, guardians or schools giving alternative instruction who select their own standardized achievement test are responsible for the tests' costs.  Most SECHE members elect to purchase their own tests and administer them at home.

The test results can be returned to the school with the annual filing of the exemption certificate in the summer.

You are not required to take the Dakota Step or any other test your local school district takes.

If you choose to take the school district's test, you need only to take the mathematics and language art sections. You must test on their timetable.


Tests can be purchased from several sources:

Bayside School Services:  www.baysideschoolservices.com

Bob Jones University Testing Services:  www.bjupress.com/testing/

Family Learning Organization:  www.familylearning.org

Peabody Individual Achievement Test (PIAT): http://hsadventures.org/test/peabody

Seton Home Study School:  www.setonhome.org

Thurber's Educational Assessments:  www.thurbers.net