Our Leadership


*All members of the HBHE Leadership Team are volunteers who cheerfully give of their time and receive no pay or other compensation for volunteering.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, the leadership body of Heritage Builders Home Educators, Inc. is a volunteer committee composed exclusively of active adult members of HBHE whose primary purpose is to guide the activities of HBHE and to assure that the group adheres to the HBHE Mission Statement.

The Board of Directors consists of the Chairman of the Board, all members of the Advisory Board, Treasurers, Secretary, Events Team Manager, System Administrator, and Cornerstone Academy Committee Representative.

Requirements for all Board members include:

  • Commitment to the Mission Statement of HBHE
  • Knowledge and skills in HBHE policy, finances, programs and personnel
  • Attendance at periodic board meetings
  • Willingness to prepare for and participate in the discussions and the deliberations of the Board
  • Positive working relationship with other board members
  • Awareness of and willingness to abstain from any conflict of interest


Advisory Board

The HBHE Advisory Board consists of three to five experienced home educators, each with a minimum of two years of home educating experience.  Advisory Board members must be members of HBHE for a period of at least one year prior to the time they begin their term of service on the Advisory Board.  One member of the Advisory Board serves as Chairman of the Board. 

Advisory Board members serve for terms of three consecutive years.

Responsibilities of Advisory Board members include:

  • providing special expertise to advise and support the Board of Directors
  • establishing and updating policies and procedures
  • making recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the future direction of the group
  • linking the Board to new contacts and networks
  • providing recommendations for leadership positions within the Advisory Board and the Board.



Two or more HBHE members may serve consecutively as joint-treasurers, sharing responsibilities.  Treasurers have the ability to read, understand, and interpret financial statements.  Although the multiple treasurers may attend the Board meetings, the office of treasurer will have only one Board vote.

Responsibilities of the Treasurers include:

  • receiving and depositing annual membership dues and members’ event registration payments
  • reconciling and balancing the checkbook on a monthly basis
  • reconciling online event registrations
  • distributing funds to event locations and event coordinators as required
  • interpreting periodic financial statements for Board members
  • signing on behalf of the Board for certain financial matters
  • meeting at least annually with the auditor as formally approved by the HBHE Board
  • ensuring financial statements are presented to the Board on an annual basis
  • developing any necessary financial policies for Board review.



The HBHE Secretary possesses excellent communication and written skills, specifically the ability to thoroughly document actions in Board minutes.

The Secretary’s responsibilities include:

  • preparing and maintaining minutes and records for all Board meetings
  • reviewing/monitoring and verifying accuracy of the meeting minutes, then circulating them to all Board members
  • receiving and recording registration forms
  • maintaining a master roster of all current and past HBHE member families
  • creating an online membership directory.
  • administering the following committees:
    • Communications– administers HBHE E-news
    • New Members Committee- receives and answers calls or emails from prospective members
    • Webmaster– writes or maintains website program and keeps website information up to date.


Events Team Manager

The HBHE Events Team Manager possesses excellent communication and written skills as well as good organizational proficiency.

The Events Team Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • researching new activity ideas
  • organizing and maintaining the event calendar with the cooperation of members of the Events Management Team who provide direction and advice to the separate event coordinators
  • ensuring that event information online is complete and accurate.
  • administering the following committees:
    • Events Management Team– assist in planning, organizing and implementing events and support event coordinators as necessary.
    • FOCUS leader– Organizes regularly planned FOCUS events and recruits and coordinates individual event coordinators for sixth through eighth grade events and service projects.
    • ENERGY leader– Organizes regularly planned ENERGY events and recruits and coordinates individual event coordinators for ninth through twelfth grade events and service projects.
    • SHINE and BLAST leader – Organizes regularly planned SHINE (kindergarten through second grade students) and BLAST (third through fifth grade students) events and recruits and coordinates individual event coordinators for events and service projects for the pre-K through fifth grade students.


Systems Administration Manager

The HBHE System Administrator possesses excellent communication and written skills as well as a working knowledge of the HBHE website and online registration system.

The Systems Administration Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • monitoring the online registration system
  • training new members in the use of the website and the online registration system
  • assisting new members with the website and online registration system as needed.
  • Maintaining contact with the online website and registration system provider.


Cornerstone Academy Committee Representative

The Cornerstone Academy Committee Representative has a knowledge and understanding of all Cornerstone Academy activities, procedures and policies as well as the ability to effectively coordinate and communicate those activities, procedures and policies.

The Cornerstone Academy Committee Representative’s responsibilities include working together with the members of the Cornerstone Academy Committee to:

  • organize Cornerstone Academy independent study sessions for both core and elective courses offered at a central location for students in grades nine through twelve
  • coordinate weekly sessions that meet for lectures in a live class environment with qualified instructors who provide students with constructive feedback and a tutoring resource for outside assistance in subjects such as math, science, foreign languages, health, economics, government, language arts and speech.
  • accept applications from and interview potential instructors for Cornerstone Academy sessions
  • determine, and review when necessary, policies and procedures for instructors and students
  • recruit parent volunteers as necessary.
  • manage other Cornerstone Academy business as necessary.