Activities Available

Tri-Cities Home Educators provides many activities for our homeschool community. 
For our families' safety and privacy most of our activities will not be listed on the public calendar.
If an event is open to the public it will be posted to the public calendar. 

Here is a listing of some TCHE Activities:
Bowling, Skating, Softball, Yearbook Club, Chess Club, Robotics, Teen Game Nights, Park Days, Annual Picnic, Field Day, Field Trips, Roller Hockey, Soccer, Swift Creek Mill Playhouse, TCHE Angel Tree, Testing days, are some of the great activities your family can be part of as a TCHE member.

Most of our activities are going to be member only activities because of these reasons:
1)  If an activitiy requires financial backing from TCHE Membership funds it is only fair that   
     only TCHE members may participate since their money is being used to fund the activity.
     Ex. The Spelling Bee and Geography Bee both require us to pay a fee to participate which we
     pay from TCHE funds. 

2)  If there is an issue of any concern at an activity we need to know who the
     families involved in the activity are to resolve the situation. Some activities will have the 
     availabilty of being open to the public since we do not take registration.  Ex. Bowling, Skating   
     If there is a conflict or question about someone and they are not a member of the group
     leadership cannot help you resolve the issue. 

Coordinators have the ability to make the decision, along with TCHE Leadership, of who can participate in TCHE sponsored activities.  With our new website some activities will have online signups and only paid TCHE members will have access to the signups.