TCHE Finances

    Currently, we have 154 families as of Jan 2015.

Your yearly family membership fee of $25 covers the website costs of $7.00 per family for the year and also helps cover the cost for activities, printing expenses, refreshments & supplies, library materials, visitor packets, fees for special guest speakers, donations to support HSLDA and HEAV as they work to keep us up-to-date on what's happening in our state and federal government and special events like Field Day. 

We make your $25 go a long way. 

Most of our activities are going to be member only activities because of these reasons:
1)  If an activitiy requires financial backing from TCHE Membership fund, it is only fair that only TCHE members may participate, since their money is being used to fund the activity.  Sorry but we do not include non-members for many of our activities even with an extra cost.  Our group is just too large.  If you want to participate in most of our activities you will need to join our membership.       

2)  If there is an issue of any concern at an activity we need to know who the families involved in the activity are so we can help resolve any problems. Some activities will have the opportunity of being open to the public since we do not take registration for the event; for example bowling and skating are open and take place at public facilities.  If there is a conflict or question about someone, and they are not a member of the group, our leadership may not be able to help you resolve the issue. 

3) We are a support group, TCHE exists for the benefit of the members and does not accept or seek tax deductible donations.  

Coordinators have the ability to make the decision, along with TCHE Leadership, of whether non-members may participate in a TCHE sponsored activities.  With our new website, some activities will have online sign-ups and only paid TCHE members will have access to the sign-ups on the calendar.