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General Info

The best place for getting information regarding homeschooling your high school student is the HSLDA web site. Click on the link to go directly to the high school section of their web site. It explains what to do before high school, during high school, and after high school. If you are curious about what textbooks have been adopted by the state, here is a list for k-12. This is a state wide list.  I could not find a list provided by McAllen school district.  As homeschoolers, we can use whatever curriculum we choose.  We do not have to use these books. However, f you think that there is a possibility that your child may have to go back to public school, then you may want to look at this list.

High School graduation requirements

In Texas, homeschooling is treated like a private school, so we have a lot of freedom in designing our high school program.   Find out how to plan for high school at this site

The recommended requirements for graduation in Texas was just recently change.  Here is the  Graduation Requirements.  For a more detailed listing of skills they should learn at different grades, you can research the Texas list of Essential Knowledge and skills.  Make sure to scroll down to the middle of the page.   You do NOT have to follow this program for your child to graduate, however, some parents feel it is wise to go by this schedule in case their child should ever have to go back to public school.  TEA answers some FAQ regarding the changes. If you would like to see the graduation requirements for other states, click here.

Dual Enrollment or Concurrent enrollment

Either term is used for the program that allows a student to earn college and high school credits for the same course.

STC - Here is a link where you can find more information about Dual Enrollment.   If you need more information, here is the website for STC.

UTPA  read info on the "Independent Student program".

State U   for online courses that go toward dual credit

SAT Help

Khan Academy has a list of math videos that can help prepare you for the SAT.

Number2.com   - When your student gets ready to take the SAT, this site can be a very helpful resource.  It provides tutorials on how to approach each section of the SAT, and it is free to sign up.

http://sat.collegeboard.com/practice   If you register (free), you can have access to SAT "question of the day" to your email and get free practice tests. Find SAT testing dates here.

Since your student will need to take the ACT or SAT before applying for any concurrent enrollment program, you may want to read about how to get one test free.  You can apply to have the cost reimbursed.  Details are at the THSC web site.

2010-2011 test dates for SAT, PSAT, and ACT

PSAT and National Merit Scholarship

In their junior year, students can take the PSAT and the scores would be used for their application towards the National Merit Scholarship.



The Free University   web site explains these programs in detail.  If you check out the "College Prep Online" link, you will find resources where you can study/review advanced high school level English and Math.  The Foreign Language links gives brief synopsis of related videos from the Annenberg series. 

CLEP earn 3 to 12 college credit hours.  CLEP or  College level exam program

CLEP DOME -this site helps you to study for the CLEP. Monthly subscription fee.

CBE  CBE stands for "Credit by Examination


Homeschoolers of Maine has the best list of free curriculum for high school.

For Math videos, Khan Academy is the best source for instructional videos.  He also has videos for science. He provides practice exercises that are self-checking, and you can track your progress.


For a thorough explanation of what is required in a transcript, go here.

Here are several online sources for generating transcripts.

teascript - you can generate a free transcript, but you will need to register

sahomeschool - has several transcript templates and samples. Try the Baylor one.

If you are creating your own and want a grade point calculator, use the one here.

Create professional homeschool transcripts easily!
Download PEAH's Free Homeschool Transcript Template