Clubs and Activities


TCHE is here to support our local homeschooling families. One of the many ways we offer support to our members is to offer a variety of academic and social activities and events throughout the school year.

Some of the popular activities that we have offered our members or are currently offering:

 Academic Fair  

 Bowling League

 Fall Festival of the Arts  

 Musical Theater  

 Field Day  

Field trips to local places of interest

Used Book Sale  

Spelling Bee  

High School Graduation  

K5 Graduation   

Student Council  

Science Fair  

Teen Nights

High School Prom


Park Day

Craft and Story time


****Many events have been sponsored by TCHE in the past.  However, every event is not offered every year. If you like a particular event, consider organizing it yourself or with other interested people. Remember that TCHE organizers are the engine which drives TCHE. Unless otherwise mentioned, all TCHE events and activities are open to TCHE members only. Grandparents and visiting houseguests are invited to attend events and field trips also.