Benefits and Costs of Being a Member

The following are just some of the benefits of being a member:

Families in our group are kept up-to-date on what is happening within the Eagles family, including game and event dates, practices, locations, driving directions, and any changes to the schedule. You will also have easy access to group information and activities on the centralized group website.

You will receive  a weekly mini-newsletter in the form of an email which will include a 2-week look ahead on the calendar and a notice of changes to the web site in the last week, along with new classified items and forum posts. 

Using the classified tool, families can market used curriculum, used Eagles gear, and countless other products to families within our group.  It’s a great online home school resource! 

Families in our group can also keep in touch using the forum tool. The forum is secure, and you don’t have to worry about questionable banners and pop-ups as you would with other forum providers. We can divide our forum threads into categories for more organization.

Each family can also build a personal mini family website within the security of the group web site. Families can have their own homepage, photo gallery, and custom pages. You can share family pictures, stories, current projects, favorite links, and information about your family. You can also set up guest logins and passwords, giving grandparents, siblings at college, and other friends access to your family website without entering the member side of the Eagles website.  

The photo gallery also allows you to share memories with everyone in our home school group. Post photos of  Eagles games, CounterACT drama productions, field trips, current projects, or of families in our group to keep other members informed. The slide show option even lets you add a little bit of creative flair.

Families in our group can also submit and manage their business directory information for approval to be included in the business directory page. It’s a great way to promote a home school family business. 

Membership in the James River Eagles website is required for registration in all of the James River Home School Foundation's academic, arts, and athletic venues, including, but not limited to, participation in the following: Eagles athletic interscholastic, developmental, and recreational sports; CounterACT Drama, as well as any academic classes currently being offered.

Cost of Membership:

Families registered in any of the above activities at any time during the current school year will not be charged additional dues for membership.

For those families who wish to be a member, but will not be registering for any JRHSF programs during the current school year, ie. friends of JRHSF, alumni, etc., the board has determined that dues of $10 will be charged at the end of the year to cover the administrative costs of the website. You will be notified prior to any assessment and you will have the opportunity to continue your membership if you desire.