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One of the goals of the James River Home School Foundation is to offer and organize educational programs that will encourage home-schooled students to strive for academic excellence. Click on the links below for additional information about our programs.

James River Home School Academy

James River Homeschool Academy now has a listing of classes for the 2014-2015 school year. All classes will be held at Kingsway Community Church, 14111 Sovereign Grace Dr, Midlothian, VA. There are also art classes for elementary - high school that are being offered on Mondays. Contact Cheryl Hair with any questions and for registration information at  jayandcherly@comcast.net.

French 1 - Teacher Kathryn Shanks
Grades: 9-12
Class Description: For the beginning French students I use an immersion method based on Power-
Glide “The Adventure Begins” in which students begin speaking conversational French from the very first week. As students progress into French 2, I integrate lot more grammar, geography & culture, some literature, and everyday vocabulary. In French 3 and French 4 we delve more deeply into grammar, composition and literature. French people love food, so of course at every level we will share some yummy foods in class while studying the history and cultural significance of French cuisine and gastronomy.

Class Day/Time: Mondays 8:30am –10:30am
Tuition: $450.00 Registration Fee: $25.00 per semester
Supply Fee: $20
Course Minimum: 2

Verity Speech & Debate Club - Teacher Kathryn Shanks
Ages: Students ages 5-18 and at least one parent
Class Description: In-class practice for all kinds of speeches (interpretation of literature, impromptu,
and informative). Included in the course is training for parents who are preparing their students for the local homeschool speech tournaments in the spring.
NOTE: Participation in tournaments requires joining the homeschool speech league and paying small tournament fees. Travel expenses may be extra.

PARENTS MEETING: At least one parent must attend on September 8 at 1:00pm. Details on speech
and debate, Verity Club policies, and answers to all your questions will be shared.

Class Day/Time: Mondays 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Tuition: $300.00 per family for all ages 5-18
Course Minimum: 3 Families
Registration Fee: $25.00 per semester per family

U.S. Government / Intro to Economics - Teacher Kathryn Shanks
Ages: 13-18
Class Description: Learn about our nation’s Founders and their vision that led to the creation of the U.S. Constitution. Coursework will include preparing the homework for the four-­?day TeenPact class at the Virginia state capitol. Then, Feb. 2-­?5, 2015 the class will attend TeenPact together, where we will learn from energetic, passionate older teens about praying for our elected officials, Parliamentary procedure, how a bill becomes a law, and how students can become states men. TeenPact trains young people to be leaders who will impact the nation and world for Jesus Christ. This is a comprehensive leadership experience that challenges students to grow both personally and spiritually. AfterTeenPact, the focus ofthe course will shift to learning the basic principles of economics, and the role today’s teens are preparing to play in the world.

• Details on TeenPact 4-­?Day classes: http://teenpact.com/state-­?classes/four-­?day-­?class/
• Dates and prices for the Virginia State Class are here: http://teenpact.com/state-­? classes/virginia/

Class Day/Time: Mondays 11:00am – 12:30pm
• Real Citzenship by Tim Echols
• Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? by Richard J. Maybury

Tuition: $350.00
TeenPact Fee: Discounts available. http://teenpact.com/state-classes/class-fees/
Course Minimum: 3
Registration Fee: $25.00 per semester

Course: Stage Costuming –
Grades: High school – adults
Teacher: Kathryn Shanks
Class Description: Learn to help tell the stories when characters appear on-stage by studying the
principles of costume design and construction. Students will learn how to research historical time
periods, how to choose materials, and keep costs low while planning and building excellent costumes. We’ll learn sewing and crafting skills that are used to design and build authentic-looking stage props, hats and other accessories. (NOTE: Students will have to do some sewing and crafting at home.)

Class Day/Time: Wednesdays 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Tuition: TBD
Course Minimum: 5
Registration Fee: $25.00 per semester
Tuition: TBD
Supply Fee: TBD

Course: Elementary Science (Christian Kids Explore Biology)
Grades: 3-5
Teacher: Cheryl Hair
Class Description: In this class, your child will love learning and exploring about much of God’s creation: cells, trees, plants, birds, the human body, reptiles, insects and water creatures. There will be hands-on activities, a few experiments (or projects), color/activity sheets, as well as informational sheets for their notebooks (lapbooks also). For those who lean to a Charlotte Mason (or classical) approach, this text is excellent. We will also have short, living stories to go along with many of the lessons.

Text: Christian Kids Explore Biology (may be optional)
Materials Needed: 2” view binder, color pencils, scissors, glue sticks
Registration Fee: $25.00 per semester
Tuition: $240.00 (or may pay $27.00 each month—Sept. – May)
Supply Fee: $10.00 each semester
Class Minimum: 4 Class Maximum: 8
Day/Time: Mondays 8:45 a.m.-9:45 a.m. (beginning September 8)

Course: The Study of the Middle Ages
Grades: 5-6
Teacher: Cheryl Hair
Class Description: This class will introduce students to European history-from the rise of Christianity, to the Protestant Reformation, and then to the age of exploration. This will be covered by studying the famous men/women of the Middle Ages. As we are studying them, we will also learn about castles & town life, the serfs, the Kings, Queens & knights, dress, food, etc. of this era. There will be hands-on activities, projects, notebooking, and reading assignments. We will also have a “Medieval Feast”.

Text: The Story of the Middle Ages – by Christian Liberty Press (this will be our guide, we will also supplement with other resources, such as Famous Men of the Middle Ages (Greenleaf Press), and assigned reading-see list below.
Materials Needed: 2” view binder, paper, pen, color pencils, glue sticks, scissors
Books for Assigned Reading: Adam of the Road, The Door in the Wall, Otto of the Silver Hand, Thunderstorm in the Church, The Hawk that Dare Not Hunt by Day (many of these are available in the library-some are in the JRHSF Lending Library & can usually be found in the Used Curriculum Sales in the spring)

Registration Fee: $25.00 per semester
Tuition: $240.00 (or may pay $27.00 each month—Sept. – May)
Supply Fee: $10.00 each semester
Class Minimum: 4 Class Maximum: 8
Day/Time: Mondays 10:00a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Titus 2 Mom's Support Group -  Monthly Meetings - the second Friday afternoon of the month during the school year - Child care provided - New Member's Welcome for the 2014/2015 Season. Contact Cheryl Hair at jayandcherly@comcast.net for addtional information.