Welcome to Master's Touch Homeschool Group

Welcome! We are happy to meet anyone interested in becoming a part of Master's Touch. This is done to ensure the safety and privacy of our member families. The opportunities to come meet the group are different meetings and events throughout the year.  If you'd like to just meet for coffee, we can work that out too! If you are considering homeschooling, we are here to support you in your journey (hey, we've been there). There is no right way or right reason to homeschool.  It is a decision that is best for your family and whatever the Lord has put in your heart.  Feel free to contact anyone on the leadership team to meet up, or with any questions or concerns at  We are a volunteer-driven ministry and one of our leadership team members will get back to you as soon as we are able.   

Please note that Master's Touch Homeschool Group is not accepting new memberships from families who are only utilizing Wisconsin's Virtual Public Schools (this include Bridges Virtual Academy) at this time (as of 10/31/2016).  A private homeschool is a family that has registered with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) using Form PI-1206 (Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction). Please note that the State of Wisconsin defines virtual and charter schools as public schools, and all children enrolled in them are considered public school students even though they receive instruction at home. Students enrolled in any virtual charter school are not included on PI-1206 forms and are not considered to be homeschooled according to Wisconsin law.

Membership information:

This ministry is only successful through the efforts of members and their families.  We sometimes ask each member to volunteer their time and/or talents at various events, activities and/or duties throughout the year.  We do understand that everyone's situation is different and will not be able to contribute or volunteer the same, but hope that each member will desire to contribute in some way. Please prayerfully consider where you can help!

We sometimes think our talent or hobby is not so "special" but it is always a blessing to the children to learn something new!  If you enjoy it, you will most likely find someone who will also enjoy it!  Do you have a great field trip idea?  Coordinate one!  If you are hesitant, we can always walk you through getting it done!!!  We are so excited to see how God has worked through our ministry and membership over the years to bring many dedicated, talented, and creative members to our group.

We want to welcome you to be a part of our group, not just partake of individual Image result for homeschool clip artactivities our group offers its members. You'll find great friendships for yourself and your family as you join with us this year!  

How do I Become a Member and what are your requirements?

  1. New and Current Members are required to coordinate and follow through with at least one (1) field trip or event a membership year, June 1st - May 31st.  This must be fulfilled before May 31st of the membership year.  More information on the Parent Event Commitment - Click HERE

  2. Contact us at with a little bit about yourself and your family (include kids’ ages), how you heard about our group, your questions or homeschooling needs, availability for a day/time to meet, and a phone number if that’s your preferred method of contact. 

  3. We will respond as soon as we are able and set up a time to meet.

  4. Meet with one of our leaders and find out if our group is a good fit for your family’s homeschooling needs.

  5. When you are ready to join Master’s Touch, please fill out the member request form online.  

  6. Memberships before Nov. 1st:  A PDF copy of your PI-1206  will need to emailed to   If you are requesting membership after November 1st, you must provide a PDF copy of your PI-1206 immediately.  If you are requesting membership prior to October 31st, you have until November 1st to send a PDF copy of your PI-1206 (effective 10/31/2016).   Please note that any new members must continue homeschool status, PI-1206, to renew/continue membership.   If at anytime you are no longer a homeschooler (you decide to enroll in Public School, Private School, or Virtual Public School), your membership will be revoked and is no longer valid.  Your membership dues will be forfeited.  If we do not receive a copy of your PI-1206, your membership will be revoked and your dues will be forfeited.  There may be circumstances that a membership may be under review for authorization for renewal/continued membership. 

  7. Memberships after Nov. 1st:  Once we have received the membership request, copy of your PI-1206 (if membership request is after Nov. 1st), and $25 annual due, we will approve your membership.  You will have full access to the rest of our website and member only events.

For current/grandfathered Virtual Public School members (non-filing PI-1206)

  1. Once your continued membership annual due is received you will have continued membership to Master's Touch Homeschool Group.
  2. If your membership is not renewed and your membership has expired/lasped you may not re-apply for memberhip/continued membership/new membership under the grandfathered clause.  You must follow the new membership guideless above.
  3. New and Current Members are required to coordinate and follow through with at least one (1) field trip or event a membership year, June 1st - May 31st.  This must be fulfilled before May 31st of the membership year.  More information on the Parent Event Commitment - Click HERE


*Reminder for payments*

Checks Payable to:

Master’s Touch

C/o Diane Salapat

3523 S. Ellen St.

Milwaukee, WI 53235



Log into your own PayPal account, “Send money to friends and family” (this avoids fees).  Please follow MT PayPal guidelines.

Send to  with amount and a note saying what it is for


Must make arrangements ahead of time (i.e. park day, etc.)



Yes! Let's do this! I'm filling out the online membership request!




Once this request is submitted, someone from the leadership team will review it as soon as able and contact you as to the status of your request via email. 

Please note that acceptance to MT will be made after your first "meet", payment for the yearly membership fee is made, and a copy of your PI-1206.Membership is $25 per family.


***There will be a $20 charge for any checks written to Master's Touch that are returned as NSF.***

Once you are on the website, please take a look around (though, we admit it, there may be pages that are ready for updating, so ask us if there's any questions you have!), and feel free to join in forum discussions. Prompts at the top of each forum category thread give ideas for our forum usage and purposes, to help you begin your own threads. While social media provides a great way to connect (and we do have a Master's Touch facebook page as well), this is the place where we organize, plan, and communicate exclusively with members. Thanks for joining! We look forward to getting to know you better.