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Acceptance Mark

*Please note which event you are paying for in the "Subject" box. Use "Payment Owed" in the Personal tab.

You must send all payments as “Payment Owed” in the "Personal" tab or the organizer will not receive full reimbursement. If you cannot send a Personal Payment Owed, then you will need to reimburse the organizer for the fees which PayPal will deduct from your payment. You can calculate these fees accurately, easily and quickly by using a PayPal Fee Calculator. You will need to log in under your own personal Paypal account to make payments. Click on the "Send Payment" tab, then use the "Personal" tab NOT the "Payment" tab. Once you are in the "Personal" section, you will click on "Payment Owed" circle. Master's Touch does not have a Direct Payment link.

If your payment shows that PayPal has deducted fees for which the organizer has not been reimbursed, the organizer will contact you in regards to additional payment as these fees will be your responsibility. Your registration will remain unpaid until the organizer receives full payment.

PayPal’s fee structure is subject to change, but at the time of this writing it is PayPal’s policy that Personal Transfers are free for both the person sending and the person receiving money when the money comes from a PayPal balance or a bank account, but cost the person receiving the money 2.9% of the total due plus a 30 cent fixed fee when the money comes from a debit or credit card or PayPal Credit. Purchase transactions always cost the person receiving the money 2.9% of the total due + $0.30 regardless of the source of the funds.

It is important to understand that the person sending the money cannot tell if fees are being deducted and will receive no notification about the fees. (A sender might also be charged fees by PayPal — in that case the person receiving the money would not receive any notice about those fees.) You may rest assured that no fees were deducted if you sent you payment as a Personal Payment Owed. You may also rest assured that fees were deducted if you sent it as anything else.

Because accepting payments via PayPal can result in financial losses for the organizer, as well as be the cause of time consuming problems, please do not complain to organizers who choose to not accept PayPal.

Don't have a Paypal account?

You can pay by check. Checks are usually mailed/given to the organizer directly. The organizer will have full instructions and an address to pay by check on the event link.

You can also set up a Paypal account. It's free and easy to start a safe and secure account. All you need is a Bank Account and/or debit or credit card. The process is easy and Paypal gives step by step instructions. Click on the link for additional information or to set up a Personal Account. Set Up A Paypal Account