Wildcat Creek Home Educators' Cooperative

We are currently accepting new families, no matter the ages of your children.  Our high school classes are filling up quickly, so we can not guarantee a spot for high school, but we have room in the elementary grades & lower.  Please contact me for registration information.



Why A Co-op?

One of the real benefits of homeschooling is the ability of families to come together cooperatively, to teach our children in a group setting.  The ability to have some control over the types of social interaction, while enhancing their education (okay, and maybe giving Mom a little breathing room), is a key component of cooperatives.

At the Wildcat Creek Home Educators Cooperative (WCHEC), we strive to serve the home schooling community by offering a good balance of academic and enrichment classes for your children.

Home schooling varies greatly in each family; some families really just use the co-op to enrich their children's educational experience by having them enrolled in non-traditional, or what some would say, non-essential (not reading ,writing, arithmetic), classes like drama.  Other families like to utilize the strengths of others and have their children take academic classes that would also serve to strengthen their child's education.  Either way, WCHEC is serving the diverse home schooling community as fully as we can.   

At WCHEC, we strive to have all our classes help you and your children have a fuller home schooling experience!   The types of experiences and classes we offer at WCHEC will continue to be diverse, just like our home schooling community we serve.   

WCHEC meets every other Tuesday morning beginning in September and going through the end of April.  We are blessed to meet at Kossuth Street Baptist Church, our partners in this endeavor.  KSBC and their staff have opened their building to us, and continue to be a great place for our children.   We are very thankful to have such a fine facility in Lafayette, with an even finer staff of pastors. 

Registrations will be accepted by mail beginning May 15, 2015, for new members.  Current members will have first priority to register, deadline to register is JUNE 15, 2015, BUT many classes fill up before the deadline.  If you would like registration forms or have questions, please e-mail kristinemomof3@yahoo.com