To RENEW your GLHEA Membership

If you have questions regarding membership, please contact Denise Bright.

Renewal Instructions:

1. Please take the time NOW to review your family profile. (Click on "Edit My Profile"  which is in the left toolbar and near the bottom.)  If your membership has all ready expired and you can't log in, please do this step once you receive notifications you can log back in.  It is EXTREMELY important that you have your information up-to-date as this is the only means we can get information to you!  This is especially important with email addresses!

2. Membership is for one year and runs from August to July.  It costs $10 regardless of when you join. You may pay your membership renewal by PayPal or by check.

To pay by PayPal, please click on the button "Add to Cart" below and follow the instructions.

To pay by check, please mail a $10 check made out to GLHEA and send it to PO Box 602, Dayton, IN 47941.

3. You may print your own membership card from the website ("Membership Card" in left toolbar) or have one mailed to you if you send an self-addressed, stamped envelope to the above GLHEA address.