Homeschooling in Washington State

Homeschooling has been around as long as kids have. To ensure its legality in Washington, the legislature passed the Home-Based Instruction law in 1985.

Washington State's RCW ('Revised Code of Washington') requires that children 8 years and older are schooled.  The RCW does not require that this schooling be done in a formal institution.  For those like us, who choose to school our kids at home, this much is required:

1)  Parents/guardians must be qualified to homeschool.  They can choose how to qualify.
2)  Parents/guardians must declare their intent to homeschool.
3)  Eleven particular subjects must be taught.
4)  Standardized test or a non-test assessment must be done yearly (only parents see the results).
In case of eventual school enrollment, assessment results and immunization records must be kept.
5)  Visit the Washington Homeschool Organization for details.