CHEB Membership Benefits


With both a PUBLIC and MEMBERS ONLY section and easy navigation our CHEB website, which is one of the most informational sites around! It's also a great site to refer friends to that are interested in homeschooling!



Password protected, this site stores all of our important Members-Only privileges like an up-to-date events calendar, membership directory,  and a members forum (where members can post messages to each other). The website sends a weekly update of all that's happening with CHEB in the coming week, right to your inbox! Each member even has their very own website (password protected) to share with family & friends! You can share information, post your favorite links, even upload pictures to share!



ANY CHEB member can send posts to this forum list. Post a message, sell items or curriculum, post your homeschooling questions or anything else that you'd like to share with other members! This list is loosely moderated as it belongs to our members and they are free to post things at their leisure. (Exceptions to this include "HOT" topics such as politics, etc.) What a great way to be supported, as members share their common frustrations as well as their cures!



In addition to our CHEB children's activities during the year, CHEB provides monthly Mom's  meetings.  The meeting style will vary widely due to the size of the group, type of speaker & format, as well as the topic chosen by the CHEB leaderership but we're sure you'll want to attend them all!



CHEB members have the opportunity to participate in many ongoing monthly activities that will be promoted on our website, sent to you via e-mail and announced at Mom's meetings. Those outings may include scheduled Park Days at local parks, Holiday parties, Member Events as well as a host of really FUN field trips! What a great way to keep our families connected from month to month! You can get involved with as many of these activities as your time permits! These events are planned and facilitated by our CHEB parents and are always fun and educational! 



CHEB's graduation ceremony is set up to celebrate our graduates and to present them with their diplomas in style. Graduates will 'walk' fully robed, be individually highlighted during the graduation video presentation, have their own display table, be highlighted in the program biographies brochure, be pictured in their own senior section of the CHEB yearbook, receive their own official diploma, and be celebrated afterward with a cake, punch, and finger food reception.

The CHEB senior class also has its own meetings and activities throughout the year to let our graduation class get to know one another.


CHEB offers a drama class for students 7th grade (12 years old) -12th grade.  Drama meets weekly throughout the school year and performs once per year to parents, families and friends of CHEB.

CHEB also offers CHEB elementary students to participate in a musical/play annually which is presented to parents, families and friends of CHEB students.