CHEB History - How We Began


In August 1997, a few families who were attending Crossgates Baptist Church
had a common interest in home educating their children and decided to meet
on a weekly basis for prayer and support.  Out of this small group was born
a continually growing and changing home educating support group originally
called the Crossgates Baptist Church Homeschool Group.  This group was
formally organized in August 1998 as a support group to the growing number of
families attending Crossgates who felt called to educate their children at home
and had a desire for their child's education to be centered around the
teachings of God's Word.

During the first year as an organized home school support group, the
leadership of the group received numerous requests for membership from home
schooling families throughout the community.  In an effort to reach out to these
families and minister to their needs, the Crossgates Baptist Church
Homeschool Group changed its name to Christian Home Educators of Brandon and
opened its membership to the community. 

As of the 2010-2011 school year, Christian Home Educators of Brandon, otherwise known as CHEB, has grown from less than 10 families in 1997 to over 60 families with a total membership of over 250 and has served families in Rankin, Simpson, and Scott counties.

CHEB currently sponsors a Teen Drama Club, annual Children's Musical,
Book-It, Co-Swap Classes, High School Graduation Ceremony, Kindergarten
Graduation, Yearbook, Mom's Night Out, (a support group for moms who are
educating their children at home), quarterly Family Nights, and numerous field trips and
activities.  Since 1997, we have seen over 40 CHEB students become
graduating seniors.