Homeschooling High School

1. Driver's license and learner's permit

2. 8th grade reading test required to get learner's permit for any student under age 18:

  • Documentation from your school showing you have successfully passed the criterion-referenced reading test required for all eighth grade students or an alternative reading proficiency test approved by the State Department of Education pursuant to State Statutes Title 47 Section 3 [Section 1210.515 of Title 70] demonstrating reading proficiency at the eighth grade reading level, unless such student is excused from such requirement pursuant to the provisions of State Statutes Title 47 Section 3 [ibid.].
  • The test does not have to be taken in 8th grade, just sometime before getting the permit. The school will write a letter that you take to the Highway Patrol Office. You must take the driving permit test within a week from the time you get the letter. The school keeps the results and will write the letter whenever you need it.
  • You may contact any of the public schools and take the test with them. A number of families have tested at Lone Grove High School. Call the school of your choice and speak with the counselor about test dates. 

3. PSAT exam. Taken in 11th grade as practice for the SAT and to qualify for scholarships. Most of our group has taken this exam at Lone Grove High School. It is given mid October and the deadline for signing up is usually by late August. Contact the school to sign up. For more info about the test and help in preparing:

4. ACT exam. To find out test dates, for help in preparing, and to sign up:

5. SAT exam. To find out test dates, for help in preparing, and to sign up:

6. Current Ardmore graduation requirements
8. Other Cindy Downes forms, etc.:
9. Donna Young homeschooling high school info:
10. OCHEC homeschooling high school, virtual charter schools, etc: 
11. HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) - joining, high school, laws, etc:
12. Students in 11th and 12th grade can attend half-days at SOTC (Southern Oklahoma Technology Center) free of charge. Go to and click on "Full time programs", then "Future students", then "Online application"
There are several things you will need for the interview:
  • high school transcript
  • test results (ACT, SAT, PSAT, TABE, Compass) If your student has not taken any tests yet, contact  Assessment Coordinator: Lyndsey Wallace (580) 224-8202. She can give them the TABE or Compass.
  • completed IDEAS assessment. Instructions below:  
    • Log on to
    • User Name: sotc    Password: okcis574
    • Click on Create My Portfolio and complete
    • Click on IDEAS under Assessments (left side of screen, near bottom)
    • Complete the IDEAS assessment. Counselor at SOTC will be able to access the results to use during the interview. 
After submitting the application and completing the IDEAS assessment and test, call Arlene Dupree 224-8217 to set up an interview. 
Applications and interviews are normally Jan-Mar for the following school year.
14. Concurrent enrollment. Eligible junior and senior students may enroll in classes at the Ardmore Higher Ed or Murray State campus and receive college credit while they are still in high school. Seniors receive a $64 per credit hour tuition waver.
A senior must have a minimum of 19 on the ACT and be at least 17 years of age. A junior must have a 21or higher on the ACT.