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Statement of Acceptance


I understand that:


1.      PEACE at Bay Leaf is a home school support group designed to nurture the social and intellectual development of the children as well as a vital support system for parents.


2.      PEACE at Bay Leaf is based on a Christian foundation. We have a firm belief that we are saved by the grace of God because of our belief in the one true God and his son, Jesus Christ who died so that we might be forgiven of our sins and have eternal life in heaven.

a.       Members do not have to sign a statement of faith to be a member of PEACE.


b.      The group’s activities and expectations will follow Christian values.

c.        The group’s original purpose was to minister to home school families in a Christian manner and to offer home school families a safe, fun, friendly & positive environment in which to grow.


3.      PEACE at Bay Leaf expects all its members, parents and students to behave in a godly manner, and for the parents to uphold their responsibility to discipline as necessary to retain order & fellowship within the group. 

a.       Members have the responsibility and right to lodge complaints to the Leader if anyone is not upholding Christian values; showing continued disrespect or inappropriate behavior or language.

b.      Violent behavior or threats of any kind will not be tolerated.

c.       Members will be approached with any complaints lodged concerning their family and they are expected to deal with the problem.  Parents exhibiting ungodly behavior will be expected to correct it immediately.

d.      Members may be suspended from the group if there are continued problems that are not resolved.

e.       PEACE wants to minister and help children grow spiritually, but we also want to provide the safest and most comfortable atmosphere for all to enjoy.


4.      PEACE  is a loosely organized, casual group with few requirements:

a.       We understand that we can belong to other groups besides PEACE

b.      We are strongly encouraged to attend parent planning meetings

c.       We do need to take our part in organizing and carrying out activities and the organization of the group.  There are no hard & fast guidelines, but if it is perceived that we are not doing enough we may get a note of encouragement from leadership to remind us of our responsibilities.

d.      If we do not take an active part in the organization and planning then our membership may be suspended.

-- Please take these suggestions seriously; we can only be as successful as our members are at taking ownership and leadership; a few cannot do it all--


By signing this Statement of Acceptance I understand and agree to abide by all these standards and uphold them within my family and within the group.



 IMPORTANT NOTE: By placing your name in the box provided you are "signing" this form. By doing so you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by everything in it.

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Student Agreement


To be read/explained, if necessary, and signed by each student 5 and over:


I understand that as a member of P.E.A.C.E. at Bay Leaf Homeschool Support Group that I am expected to behave in a Christ-like manner and I want everyone to have fun, to learn & to grow,

I want to be a good example to all. 


I pledge (or promise):


·        to treat all members with kindness, respect & Christian love

·        to be helpful & open to all ages in the group

·        to keep my words & actions pure & good:

with no cursing, name-calling; picking on, making fun of others; or anything physical (hitting, shoving, etc.)

·        to keep all shows of affection appropriate for the whole group, and that I will be with chaperones at all times (not going off alone with anyone)

·        to listen & respond with respect to each adult in the group whether they are speaking directly to me or to the whole group.


I understand that there is to be no violence or threats of any kind


I understand that if I do NOT follow these guidelines I could be suspended from the group, or asked to leave the group.


I pledge that my mother/father has explained any of this that I did not understand and that I want to be a part of P.E.A.C.E. and I pledge to abide by these rules.

IMPORTANT PARENT NOTE:  By placing your name below you understand that you have "signed" this form and that as a parent, you have reviewed the student agreement with all of your children that are 5 years old or above, and they understand what is expected of them.

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