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Please provide your birthday.  Month and date only. smiley

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Address. Include city, state, and zip code.

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List name, age, and 2015/2016 grade for each student participating in the co-op.

Example:  Susanna Johns, 16, 11th 

Parent participation is crucial to our success.  Please carefully consider the following questions and the weight of the commitment you are making.

What will your student need offered at co-op next year and complete the following questions?  Please be as specific with curriculum when listing your preferences.  While we can't always meet exact requests, it helps to know if there are specifics you'd like to see.

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List what you would like to have offered  for History, Math, Science, English, and Electives, FOR EACH child wanting to attend the co-op.

Example:  Sammy Good Student, Grade 10

  • History - HS American History - Notgrass
  • Math - N/A
  • Science - HS Apologia Chemistry
  • English - English I - Abeka
  • Electives - Spanish I


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Please list, in order of preference, classes you would like to facilitate along with the curriculum you would like to use.

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List any other areas of service you might be able to provide that would benefit the co-op.  For example: party planner, luncheon planner, host the Christmas party, etc...


If you have other children who will not be attending, please list them here.

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Do you know any current members of Summit Homeschool Co-op?  If so, please give us their name.


Years homeschooling.


Do you feel that there is anything we should know about your child(ren)? Example: Does she/he have any behavioral/learning disabilities or anything you feel the teacher should know?


Please tell us about you and your family.  Do you love outside activies like hiking, biking, field trips? Do you farm, make balloon animals, have a business as a family?  Anything and everything you would like to share?  smiley

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Summit is a Christ centered Co-op.  Please describe your relationship with God?  What church do you attend, if any?

Please have two to three people you know complete the on-line Reference Form.  The link is found on the left navigation bar of our website.  These people should be someone outside your family.

The Member Request Form and the Reference Form will remain confidential.

If you have any questions regarding either form, please contact us through the website.


Summit Administration