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Mentoring 101 - Let’s Begin Homeschooling!

Are you a new homeschool mom or dad and need support in your homeschooling endeavors? If so, I am available to answer questions, look over curriculum, talk about your concerns and help you through your first year of homeschooling.

For the past couple of years, the Mentoring 101 has been held in a group setting, but I found that each parent had individual questions and concerns, so instead of the group setting, I will now meet individually with a parent. This will work better because I will be able to discuss topics that are relevant to each parent and answer questions regarding each child. Also, I can accomodate your schedule instead of having one set time for meetings.

If you are a new homeschool parent, you MUST take advantage of all opportunities because homeschooling is most likely the toughest job you will ever have and you need support!!

Topics of Discussion Can Include:

Organizing Your Homeschool

Being Accountable

Records You Should Keep

Assigning Grades

Umbrella Schools

Choosing a Curriculum According to Your Child’s Learning Style

How Do I Teach A Subject I Don’t Even Know


Homeschooling Resources to Help Plan Your School Year

Putting a Unit Study Together

Dealing With Burnout

Surviving the Homeschool Convention

Home Management

Troubleshooting Your Homeschool

Teaching Tips

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Darleen Rudnick

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