Co op Classes

For the 2013-2014 School Year--We are returning to our previous format of monthly, multi-age, thematic co op classes. These will meet one Thursday a month from 1-4 pm (FUMC Glendale-59th Ave. & Glendale Ave.); Moms will attend a park day (Sundance Park-71st Ave. & Desert Cove) for planning at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance. Often we will offer a field trip per month that complements topics we are covering in class.


Centers---Moms position themselves at the center they prepped & help students as they come to them.  Centers might reinforce math, phonics, writing, mapping skills. Some may be have students learning information through games. Crafts, food & experiments relating to the topic can also be center activites.  Each center provides some kind of student work or written piece that students write/draw or cut/paste to add to their lapbook or show what was learned.

Preschool/Kinders--Age Appropriate Centers with activities in Spanish, Music, Math, Animals, and Art. Snack & Outdoor Play too.

2013-1014 Topics

September - Famous Artists

October - Rainforest

November - Ancient China/Asian Art

December - Science of Snow/Christmas Party

January - Architecture & City Planning

February - Middle Ages

March - Music

April - TBD

May - TBD

2012 - 2013 Topics (See Calendar for Dates)

October - Ancient Greece


December-Christmas Around the World


February-Valentine's Skating Party


2009 - 2010 Topics

August - Engineering  AZ Science Center Science on Wheels Class

September - DESTINATION: Polar Regions

October - Ancient Greece

December - Social Studies Fair/Arts & Crafts Around the World

January - Wide World of Maps

February - Tour Our Solar System

March - GO WEST! American Pioneers Sahuaro Ranch Field Trip


2008 - 2009 School Year Topics

September - Like a Rock(Geology)
Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum FT

October - "Stories of Old" (Myths, Legends, & Fairy Tales)
Arizona State Fair Field Trip

November - "Walk Like an Egyptian" (Ancient Egypt)
The Bead Museum Field Trip

December - Trip Around the World (Geography Fair)

January - "Moms Month Off"/Guest Teachers TBA

February - Ancient China

March - Destination: Jungle
Wildlife World Zoo Field Trip

April -Mark Twain/Steamboatin' the Mississippi
Pool Party

May - Amazing Body (Anatomy)
Arizona Science Center & Halle Heart Center Field Trips



September - Our Great State of Arizona

October - Fine Art & Famous Artists

November - Classical Music & Famous Composers

December - Christmas Around the World

February - Princesses & Pirates Play

March - Earn, Save, Buy & Sell (Economics)

April - Destination Deserts

May - Destination: Oceans

  • Your student(s) learns from other teachers & students
  • Your student(s) develops social skills in an educational environment w/adult supervision/role models
  • Student motivation is naturally high in a hands on, social, activity-oriented setting
  • You learn to expand your teaching skills (by teaching a variety of ages, learning styles, personalities, etc.)
  • You contribute a fraction of the work but benefit from the preparation and teaching of all the moms involved
  • It's a very efficient way to cover a lot of curriculum in a short amount of time
  • You have a lap book or other work to take home to reinforce what was learned
  • The lap book/projects can be shared with dad or other family members to give your child a chance to practice communication skills in describing what they learned
  • You can extend the learning by attending field trips planned this year that correlate with the topics of the co op classes