Homeschooling is legally defined in the state of Florida as “The sequentially progressive instruction of a student provided by his or her parent or guardian.”  This means that you can substitute out classes but the bulk of the instruction must be given by the parent or guardian.

To homeschool legally, you have 6 responsibilities:

1.  Send a notice to your county to inform them that you are homeschooling:

Seminole County:


Orange County: https://www.ocps.net/cs/services/options/schoolchoice/HomeEducation/Pages/default.aspx

2.      Maintain a 2- Part portfolio of records:

A log made contemporaneously with instruction.  That means document the activity when you do it in a log book, notebook, or lesson planner.

A portfolio, with samples of your student’s work showing progress from year’s start to year’s end.  This should be by child, by subject, and can be a creative representation of your homeschooling life.  It can include field trips documents, pictures, work samples, reading logs, and anything else that would give the reviewer a sample of your child’s work and progress.  Your portfolio should not contain every paper your child has done, but should be organized.

3.  If you are asked by the county to do so, you must be able to show your portfolio to the superintendent with a 15 day written notice. 

4.  You must submit an annual review.

This can be a portfolio review completed by a certified teacher.

Forms for Seminole County:  http://www.scps.k12.fl.us/esss/_doc/AnnualPortfolioReviewWrittenEvalForm.pdf

Form for Orange County:  https://www.ocps.net/cs/services/options/schoolchoice/HomeEducation/Documents/Annual%20Evaluation%20for%20Home%20Ed.pdf

Make sure you have a copy of the teacher’s certificate…and you keep a copy of the teacher’s certificate and the portfolio review for yourself and your records.

Send the portfolio review certified with signature required so that you have this for your records.

Your 2nd Option for Annual Review Submission-

Your student may also take a nationally-normed test if it is administered by a certified teacher.

Tests would include the SAT9 and the IOWA

Make sure you get a copy of the teacher’s certification when the tests are administered.

BJU’s requirements are that an administrator need only be college educated.  This does not meet the state requirements.  Make sure the person administering your test is a certified teacher.  The county will randomly check.

Your 3rd and 4th Options for Annual Review Submission-

Student may take the FCAT at your zoned school.

Student may take a psychological assessment.

5.  You must preserve each student’s portfolio (both parts) for two years.

6.  If you decide to terminate homeschooling, you must then notify the county as well within 30 days of the end of your homeschooling.

For more information about homeschooling legally, read this great article at FPEA.com: http://www.fpea.com/about-home-schooling/getting-started-guide/