The AGAPE Christian Homeschool Organization is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization that serves home school families in Central Pennsylvania. We are a body of  home schoolers from various Christian traditions, believing in one triune God the Father, His Son and Our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  We are comfortable praying together, discussing God, and sharing Bible stories and verses. As parents, we prayerfully and gladly accept the responsibility of educating our children. Our instruction reflects a Christian worldview solidly rooted in the Holy Bible.

Where and When We Meet

Our organization meets every other week at a local church in Dillsburg (for safety purposes please contact us for more information). We provide classes for  nursery-grade 12. The school year is broken into 2 semesters with 7 classes in the fall semester and 8 classes in the spring semester. We also offer weekly classes for jr/sr. high school students as well as credit options for senior high school students. 

Class options

We have a wide variety of enrichment and academic classes to choose from for each grade level each semester.  Our current catalog is not available to non-members. Our class structure is set up by combining grade levels together, K-2, grade 3-5, grade 6-8, and 9-12 with some variations depending on the specific class options and teachers. Examples of past classes include: K-2  "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs", "Cook-A-Book", "Speed-Stacking"  3-5  "PA History", "All about Money", "4-square writing" 6-8 "Amish Unit Study", "Latin I", "Power Point/Graphic Design", "Hands On Health", 9-12 "Algebra II",  "Chemistry/lab", "British Literature","Duct Tape Art", "Worship Band".  High school classes are on a rotation basis meaning that not every credit class is offered every year.  For example:  Chemistry and Physical Science would be offered one year and then Earth Science, Biology, and Physics the next year. 


Membership is open to all Christian home schooling families who are in agreement with the Primary Documents found in Article 1 of the Bylaws.  AGAPE is a parental, cooperative group.  Membership demonstrates a willing heart to serve the group.  For the purposes of the co-op, family is defined as a male and female parent, married with one or more children (Genesis 1:26-28), or single parent, or adopted, foster or step children (James 1:27).  Member families must currently be home schooling, and have had home schooling experience for at least one school year.  Home schooling is defined as any schooling that occurs in the home (pre-school to high school) including- but not limited to- home schooling under the PA law or under a Charter school.”

Membership Fees

Our group currently has approximately 55+ families.   Dues are $56 per family per semester, and additional $20 per semester if one or more children are taking weekly classes. Tuition remission is given to a parent willing to teach a weekly class.  Extra costs above and beyond membership fees may include lab fees,textbooks, reading books, art supplies, etc.


We welcome families to apply any time of the year.  If you are interested in applying for membership, here are the steps to proceed:

1.Click on "Bylaws".  Read the Bylaws, Statements of Purpose, Faith and Community. If you agree with our statement of purpose(sect 1.02), faith(sect 1.03), and community(sect.1.04) you may proceed.

2.Click on "membership registration".  Fill in all necessary fields.

3.You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Your application will need board approval which could take up to a week or more.  After that process is complete the vice president will contact you concerning the status of your application and whether or not we are taking new members.  If the membership is full, your name will be placed on a waiting list.  If we are accepting new members she will explain  how to proceed.

Teacher responsibility

At least one family member is required to  sign up to teach at least one class and help in another.  A third free period is spent in the "parents room", enjoying food and fellowship.  We give the opportunity to high school students to teach enrichment classes(under parent supervision) that are at least 2 grades below their own grade level, allowing them to develop teaching and leadership skills.