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   I understand that registering for the FEAST Co-op is a full school year commitment and that withdrawal without penalty will only be allowed during the first 2 classes. Withdrawal after that will result in full payment due for the balance of the school year. I agree to keep my Co-op Online Registrations up to date by removing classes withdrawn from (during the 2 weeks allowed) and by adding new classes.


     I confirm our family has read and agrees to abide by the entire Co-op Handbook and Guidelines.


     I agree to pay my Registration Fee, $50/for 1 student or $100/Family, before classes begin. I understand the Registration Fee is not prorated and is a one time fee per school year regardless of registration date. I also understand that the Registration Fee is non-refundable and is payable in the Bookstore, over the phone, or online via PayPal.


     I agree to pay my monthly teacher payments every first Tuesday or Thursday of the month in the co-op office and not directly to the teacher. Acceptable forms of payments are: cash, check or money order only. All payments are made payable to the teacher, not FEAST. I understand any payments not received by the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month will incur a $10 late fee (per family not per class), payable to FEAST.


     I have been home schooling for at minimum 1 full school year.


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