The Genesis Approach to Art
October 10, 2013
03:00 PM
Event Description:

On Thursday, October 10, from 3 – 4pm, Rayla-Jeanne Klepetko will be offering a workshop in the Magnolia Room at FEAST to introduce her new book The Genesis Approach to Art and describe more of the Art-in-the-Car material.

In June of this year local artist/teacher Rayla-Jeanne Klepetko published her first book, The Genesis Approach to Art, to present art from a Biblical perspective. In describing her purpose for writing her book, Rayla-Jeanne says, “This book guides us into a study of art that teaches us to know, love, and serve our Creator. Instead of using art to glorify themselves, readers will grow spiritually as well as artistically as they learn to see how
God’s creation is a reflection of Him and how art is His gift to us.”

The Genesis Approach to Art offers a wealth of surprising insights and inspiration for Christian art educators including home school parents, but Rayla-Jeanne wants to do more. She wants the material accessible to children. The result of that desire is
a companion curriculum specifically designed with the home school family in mind. To capture the idea that art can be taught serendipitously by busy families on the go, she has named the new curriculum Art-in-the-Car, and it offers:
- A step-by-step curriculum presenting to children the concepts covered in The Genesis Approach to Art.
- Suggestions for turning your time in the car into teachable moments as you reinforce what your child is learning in the curriculum lessons.
- Opportunities to connect with your child as you share the wonder of nature together.           - Moments of wonder and worship as you and your child discover God’s mysteries hiding in plain sight.

And the best part is that, since this is part of Rayla-Jeanne’s on-going ministry, parents who have read and embrace the concepts presented in The Genesis Approach to Art will have access to the Art-in-the-Car material for their children at no expense by downloading the lessons from Rayla-Jeanne’s website,

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