I'm new to homeschooling


I'm new to homeschooling in Alberta and have lots of questions! 



Please use our About Us, Homeschooling in Alberta, and Links pages to get started. If you're in the Edmonton area, consider being our guest at two meetings to see if HSCF would be a good fit for you and your family! We are a Christian parent support group, not a homeschool board. 



Membership? Login Issues? Parked?


How do I become a Member?


The following is from our registration application form. Upon payment & approval, your information is stored in our HSCF Member Directory. Use the JOIN link in the very top white menu or in the Login box. If the JOIN link is not available, we are not processing new memberships at that time, except in person at a meeting.  


If you are a homeschooling parent, are planning to homeschool, or have homeschooled in the past, AND you agree with our statement of faith, you can apply! 


The cost for a current membership is $40.00 (subject to change) payable online on the registration form. To pay by cheque or cash, please attend a regular Monday night meeting. You will be able to login as a member after we have received your payment and approved your application.

New registrations are activated from July 1st through mid April. All memberships expire June 30th. The annual fee is not pro-rated for months missed. Our membership year runs from July 1 - June 30.

If you have any questions regarding membership, please email us. We hope you will join us as we fellowship, grow and encourage one another in our decision to home educate! Please be sure to read About Us and our Statement of Faith before requesting membership, as well as the Benefits & Responsibilities of membership found on the home page.

Paying $40 by cheque or cash? Please pay in person at the next regular meeting & pick up a receipt at the membership table; your application will be kept on file only until the next regular meeting. You'll be able to log in upon payment & approval. (New applications paid in person at the April & May meetings will begin early July, effective until the following June 30th.) 

Paying $40 online? Preferred. Click the "Add to Cart" button for payment by credit, debit or PayPal. Print a receipt if you'd like. You'll be able to log in upon approval, usually within a day or two. (New online applications received later than mid April will be activated by early July, effective until the following June 30th.)


I forgot my login information or am not able to login.


Use the "Forgot my Login" link in the login area - upper right corner of the website. You must enter the exact email address you used when first signing up.

Only current members in good standing are able to login. If your membership has lapsed, please request membership again using the Join link in the top menu. Membership is effective from July 1st to June 30th each year.

Still having trouble? Email us



What does it mean if my HSCF membership is "parked"?


It probably means that your brand new membership hasn't started yet. Our group runs from July 1st - June 30th each year.

  • If you are a new member joining in late spring, your access will open by early July when our fiscal year begins.
  • Rarely, a membership may also be parked for having too many library fines, outstanding field trip fees, or a misuse or misrepresentation of membership.

The membership committee may be contacted here. 

What about email?


How should I set my email preferences on the registration form?



The 'Weekly Email Update' is an automatic email that comes to your inbox on Saturday mornings. It will remind you of current events on the HSCF calendar, and let you know of any updates on the website pages. For busy families, this weekly reminder is a good way of keeping connected to HSCF. 

The 'Forum Emails' are the regular notes that we send to each other & will arrive directly to your inbox. Choose to receive each email immediately OR bundled in a daily digest. (If you prefer to say "no" to forum emails, they won't come to your inbox, but you can still access them on our website by going to Group Email in the teal menu.) 

The Forum 'Categories' allow you to chose which emails you receive. If you'd rather not receive emails about 'Field Trips', for example, uncheck that box.

The 'Classifieds' are emails generated by the Classifieds tool about what other HSCF members are giving away, selling, or wanting. You can choose to either bundle these in a digest or visit the Classifieds link on our website instead of receiving them immediately. 

Members, you can change your email preferences at any time by clicking on "Profile" in the top menu. By registering, you are giving your consent to receive HSCF member emails & acknowledge that our website uses analytical info. 

Be sure to have lifeline@homeschool-life.com included in your contacts. It is not spam! Homeschool-Life is our website company. If you stop receiving HSCF emails, please check your spam folder and update your contacts. Group emails are not sent to parked (inactivated) members.



Where does HSCF meet?


Where is the meeting?


  • Regular Monday Night Meetings are held at: Crestwood Presbyterian Church 14304 - 96 Ave., Edmonton, AB T5N 0C4

  • The Science & Heritage Fair in April may require a larger venue, so confirm ahead year by year.

  • The Track & Field Day in June is held at: Strathcona Athletic Park 1100 N Cloverbar Rd, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4Z7

What about field trips?


What about Field Trips & Activities?


To Sign Up for a Field Trip:

  • Go to the Calendar and click on the event you want. A new window will open with field trip details & sign-up instructions, a list of who else is attending, map to the location, etc.
  • Please note that some activities will be posted on the calendar simply for your information, not as planned field trips. If you want to know if others will be at Park Days or attending a certain activity that doesn't have a sign-up, please feel free to ask on the group email forum.

To Organize a Field Trip and Invite Others:

  • See the Field Trips link. We welcome your creativity, connections & input! Field trips at HSCF are initiated by parents.

More about this website


I am a homeschool group leader & would like to know more about having a website like yours.


We are very satisfied with our website company, Homeschool-Life, based in Wisconsin. It was developed by homeschool parents with a keen understanding of what homeschool families & leaders actually need in a secure, membership-based website. No facebook required!

Visit Homeschool-Life, and if your group decides to join, please let them know that HSCF in Edmonton referred you!

Our HSCF website administrators would be happy to connect with you and share ideas to benefit everyone.


Can you tell me how this HSCF website works?



Sure! You can watch these youtube videos in the Help Manual to find out more from our website company, Homeschool-Life.

There are FOUR main areas of this website, each with its own HOME page.

  1. The Public Pages
  2. The Private Pages
  3. Your Family Website Pages


1.   The Public Pages (HOME has the slide show.)

These website pages are available to everyone, "the public".  After your HSCF membership has been approved, please LOGIN from the upper right corner to the private members' side of our website. If you like, check the box to stay logged in on that device. Most HSCF activities are for members only, as a benefit of membership; however, some activities may be shown on the public side so that non-member families can see if HSCF might be a good fit for them too!

2.   The Private Pages (HOME has the HSCF logo.)

You'll see your name at the top left once you've successfully logged in to the PRIVATE HOME page. (Only current, paid HSCF members in good standing have access to the private pages.) Please take time to browse the website and its many features!

Use the EDIT MY PROFILE link in the very top menu: 

  • to keep your family & membership information accurate,
  • to check your email preferences,
  • to change your privacy settings, 
  • to create and edit your Family Web Site,
  • to type a short description or information that appears under your name on the Family Directory.

Always LOG OUT if you are using a public computer, e.g. at a library or while travelling. But while using your own computer or mobile device, bookmark our website and check the box to stay logged in so that HSCF is handy next time you need it!

3.   Your Family Website Pages (HOME will be blank until you create it.)

You need to be logged in as an HSCF member first. You'll see in the FAMILY DIRECTORY that each family has optional Website Pages available to use. You can build unlimited pages, and include your photos and your favourite links. (Look under Englers for an example in the family directory.)

What you type in the 'short description' box in your profile will appear for other members to see in the Family Directory along with your name. But use the 'long description' box to create your website home page: post a photo and/or type what you'd like to have as your family's website home page.

To create and maintain your own family's website, click on EDIT MY PROFILE. Right near the top of your registration form is a blue link: "click here to edit my family's website".

Once you have created a family website, you can opt to share it with friends or family outside of HSCF. Create a separate username & password specifically for your non-HSCF guests to use. Invite them to Login on our website using the outside guest user name and password you created for them. Outside guests do not have access to any private member pages of our website - only to your own Family Web Pages with your permission. Never distribute your own HSCF membership login information to others*.

4The Administrative Pages (HOME is blue.)

Are you a website Administrator? If so, you need to be signed in as a regular HSCF member first. Click on the ADMIN link in the very top white menu. Login with your Admin user name/password. Let the webmaster know if there's an area where you should have been granted access, and we'll remedy that. One of the best advantages of this website is that the volunteer work is shared around & members are able to use their gifts to serve! 


 *Please note that all web pages on our HSCF site, including Family Web Pages, must honour copyright laws, must not be illegal, immoral, etc., or be contrary to our Terms of Service. Please do not distribute your Membership or Admin logins to others, as this compromises our HSCF privacy and security. Misuse or misrepresentation of Membership may result in your privileges being withheld.