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How does the Welcome Group work, what is expected from me as a member?



Our group continues to grow and we love it!! The Welcome Homeschool organization is a place where all of us work together to make it fun and interesting, a place of support and encouragement.

The leadership team meets several times a year to organize, plan and brainstorm on how to best meet the needs of our group. After your first year of membership, you are expected to volunteer in some capacity on at least one occasion during the year (more is appreciated).  We would like to share with you ideas on how you can effectively be a part of this awesome organization.

  • -Plan a fieldtrip or educational class.

  • -Organize one of our events for the year.... Holiday parties, end of year celebration and the annual kick off.

  • -Volunteer to assist during one of our events during the year: Set up/clean up before/after parties, planning and/or running a craft, activity, or game during a party, etc.  

  • -RSVP for events AND follow through with your RSVP.

  • -Plan Activities for older elementary, middle and high school level. Some ideas for these age levels might be: oral reports, service projects, playing sports, organizing a career club speaker.

    **Your leadership team is here to assist you with planning and organizing (and members of the leadership team occasionally organize events and volunteer for events that other members have organized), but the actual facilitation of events is a function of the members of the group.  Each member of the group bears a responsibility to help make Welcome Homeschool Group the type of group that you want it to be! ** 

Your leadership team:

Allison Fulmer— Treasurer

Jessica Simmons--Website, Registration

Kathleen Klingelsmith-- Calender Advisor

Christie Moser--Women of Excellence Coordinator

Nathalie Harris-- Party and Event Coordinator




How do I go about planning a field trip or other activity?


Our Welcome parents do an awesome job of planning events and fieldtrips! We like to schedule only one event on a calendar day. When planning an event, please check the calendar to make sure the date is still available. As our group continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to be diligent in attending field- trips for which your family has signed up. Some fieldtrips and activities have a maximum participant number, and in order to be respectful of businesses that are inviting us in, and to those individuals that plan events, it is very important that the coordinator be alerted if you are unable to attend. This will enable a person on the waiting list to fill your space.  If after signing up, you do not notify the coordinator that your plans have changed, and they must then pay field trip fees on your behalf, your membership will be parked until these fees are reimbursed.  

Here are simple steps to help you plan a fieldtrip.

  1. Choose a field trip destination.

  2. Email our calendar advisor Kathleen to make sure your chosen date will be a good fit for the schedule.

  3. Line up details for the trip by contacting the place where the event/class is to be held.

  4. Go to Welcome website and under “Calendar” select “Submit New Event” Fill in information, including as many details as possible. Please let the group know more than the time and date of the event! Tell us some neat things we will see or do, provide any online resources for pre or post visit, and set up a ‘Deadline’ for rsvp’s.  

Looking forward to the coming year of field trips!! Thank you for all your help!!