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How do I choose a curriculum?


Love 2 Learn is a great resource for new Catholic home educators or those thinking about it. It has a rich resource section with articles on education theory, lists of curriculum providers and suppliers, book lists for learning about home education, reviews of books and materials, calendar of resources, and much more. 

Another great place to start is by learning what method you prefer and what is your child(ren)'s learning style.  Cathy Duffy's book, 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, has some great beginning information in the first couple of chapters.  This book is typically available at your local library.  Ms. Duffy also has new curriculum reviews on her website.


What are some of the "highly recommended" or favorite books for Newbies?


In no particular order:

Catholic Resources

Real Learning by Elizabeth Foss

Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum: A Guide to Catholic Home Education by Laura M. Berquist

Catholic Homeschool Companion by Maureen Wittmann and Rachel Mackson

For the Love of Literature by Maureen Wittman  (Literature Resource)

Catholic Education: Homeward Bound – Useful Guide to Catholic Home Schooling by Kimberly Hahn and Mary Hasson

Catholic Home Schooling by Mary Kay Clark

Haystack Full of Needles by Alice Gunther (Socialization & Group Support)


General Resources

100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum by Cathy Duffy

Homeschooling:  A Family's Journey by Gregory and Martine Millman

How Children Learn by John Holt

Better Late than Never

The Relaxed Homeschool by Mary Hood

Raising your Child Not by Force but by Love by Sidney Cray

For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer McCaulley

Homeschooling the Early Years by Linda Dobson