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Upcoming Events

Homeschool PE    Sign Up
March 30 - Monday
12:30 PM - 01:30 PM

Character Counts Club at Chick Fil A    Sign Up
April 1 - Wednesday
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

TPAC: Pirates of Penzance Look In    Sign Up
April 2 - Thursday
06:30 PM

Daring Daughters    Sign Up
April 3 - Friday

Play Group    Sign Up
April 3 - Friday
02:30 PM - 04:30 PM

Lego® Mania (Ages 6-7)    Sign Up
Community Open Event
04:30 PM - 06:00 PM

Ressurection Day    Sign Up
April 5 - Sunday

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Call/text: Marie: 813-731-2135 or  Alicia: 615-772-3321

Buzz on over to see what's so sweet inside our website for members only, designed to help meet the needs of local homeschool families with:

1. SUPPORT: mom forums, mentoring, nights out, retreats, prayer groups, gym pals, lunch bunch, coffee club, and more.

2. SCHOLASTIC: monthly competitions, from spelling bees to science fairs and every subject almost has an annual event for your student to shine at something with a trophy too.

3. SMALL SIZE SPECIALIZED SINGLE SUBJECT CO-OPS: free group learning with your favorite curriculum.

4. SOCIALIZATION: opportunities with parties, park days, and play groups at all kinds of fun spots for every season and reason.

5. SIMPLE AND SECURE SIGN UPS IN ONE SINGLE SPOT: in one easy to use calendar, see almost all homeschool events offered in Middle TN in one single spot, including tutorials, co-ops, and local venue homeschool days in addition to our members only free clubs, (like find a Lego group or an American girl group or a teen game night).

6. SERVICE: community service projects galore!

7. SALES: online used curriculum. 

8. SAVINGS: Group travel and discounts on local events.

9. SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE in your home school family almost every day to choose from, for every age to find friends and create community.  PUSH "Calendar" at the top of the navigation bar for upcoming events to see all of the events planned for the next few months! 

10. SIGN UPS: Weekly email listing of events with automatic reminders sent the day before so you never forget again. PayPal on this site for field trips and more with a few clicks for online sign ups.

11. STORAGE: Have your own password protected family website with photos and memories at no extra charge.

12. SIMPLE START: Look on the side bar for "request membership" to start your journey with us by becoming a member of our hive that will connect you to all of this for a $25 annual family membership!  

It's a honey of a deal!