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October 20 - Monday

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 Welcome to the Tri-Cities Home Educators website.

TCHE has been located in the Tri-Cities area of Central Virginia since 1991 with around 200 family memberships. We represent the areas of Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Hopewell, and Fort Lee and the counties of Chesterfield, Prince George, Dinwiddie, and others. We are a Biblically based support group designed to support, encourage, and honor God.


Visitors are welcome at our meetings and will receive a welcome packet of information.
Check the public calendar for meeting dates and location

Monday, Sept 15th at 7 pm

Please join us for a  

Parent Workshop to help Struggling Learners

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Colonial Heights, VA

Join us as Ann Hoopsick guides us through the different resources and techniques available from Dianne Craft to help your  struggling learner succeed. First we'll cover some identifying characteristics of a struggling learner then we'll discuss some resources and teaching techniques to help them get past their struggles.
Ann will use Dianne Craft's "Identifying If a Child Has a Learning Glitch" outline to discuss how to determine where your child is struggling and what you can do to help them.  Dianne is a firm believer that parents are their children's best teachers and given the right tools can help their children overcome many of these learning struggles.  

Dianne Craft has a masters in Special Education and a degree in Nutrition. If you follow Dianne's teaching you will learn how she suggests a mixture of nutritional and occupational therapies to help with memory and motor skills. Ann will cover the occupational therapies.  Although Ann will give a few nutritional suggestions that Dianne makes, you can purchase Dianne's Biology of Behavior CD from Dianne's website if you are interested in the complete nutritional plan.
Ann does not have a degree in special education but has been mentored by Dianne, used some of her resources for her son and been encouraged by Dianne to help families because Dianne is overloaded and this past year did not travel. The need is great and Dianne truly wishes she could help more people.

Dianne does online consultations but is usually booked. Ann would like to help you learn about Dianne, her teaching and resources.  Her therapies are not new. The therapies are known to the specialists in our schools but most do not have the time to do these therapies with the children one on one like you, the parent can.  Dianne encourages parents to learn how to guide their children through these exercises to help them build their memory, reading and writing skills.  Dianne has put together a manual to show parents exactly what exercises to do with the students and a plan of action depending on whether you are dealing with an Auditory process issue, Visual processing issue or others. 
Do you have a struggling learner?  These are just a few things you might notice.
*Do you know that for each time a child reverses a letter there were 5 other times they had to think about it?  Imagine how hard that makes writing.  Now you why they cry. (We are not talking about your beginning writers but children past 7 years of age)
* Does your student make their letters from the bottom up? This is also considered a reversal.
*Do they find it hard to make letters like g, h, j, p, y below the line? 
*Do they write the same word differently one time from another?
*Do they have trouble remembering site words like, was and the, when reading or spelling them correctly when writing?
*Do they have trouble remembering math facts from one day to the next?
*Did they have trouble learning to tie their shoes?
These are just a few struggles you may be seeing in your student.  There is help, and you can learn the therapies and teaching techniques to make a difference in their lives. We hope you'll join us.

We accept new members all year.  The month you join is your anniversary month and when your renewal will be due the following year.

If your membership has expired and you cannot sign in then go to "Become a Member" to register again. To avoid membership expiration, renew before the end of your renewal month.

Many of our activities are for our members only. The membership fees are used to help support our activities.  Membership provides a directory of families to everyone. Therefore, if are problems or last minute changes with an activity the coordinator will be able to easily contact the families involved.   

Please Click on "Become a Member " to find more information about our group, register to become a new member, or to renew an expired membership.  
Memberships are $25 a year per family.

We hope that if you choose to become a member that you will get involved, make new friends, share you experiences with others, and help lift up another homeschooling family.  

 Contact Information

General questions and meeting information contact Julie Lee 

Membership registration questions contact Jan McMillen

Tri-Cities Home Educators
PO Box 1136
Colonial Heights, VA 23834