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Upcoming Events

Rock Climbing- Triangle Rock Club
March 4 - Wednesday
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Homeschooling for College Credit- with Jennifer DeRosa    Sign Up
March 20 - Friday
06:30 PM


NC Homeschool Adventures have been planning field trips for the homeschool community for over seven years. It's a BIG WORLD out there and we love to see as much as we can.  You can choose to participate as much or as little as you would like.  We will also offer some clubs and classes for people in the greater Lee County Area.

 If you are new to the group you may now join at anytime. In order to join you must 1) Know someone else in the group.  2) If it is from April -September you will need to pay $10. If it is October-March, you will need to pay $5.This helps cover the fees I pay to mainain the webiste.  3) All Members must renew in April and May by paying a renewal fee. 4)All payments must be made by paypal to

We are looking at the following trips.....


Fort Caswell

Halifax/Sylvan Heights Bird Cener 

Reynolda House

Biltmore House

SeaLife Aquarium- Charlotte 

Frontier Cultural Museum/Shakespeare

Monticello/James Madison

Carolina Renaissance Festival

Classic Productions 

Cape Fear Regional- Fayetteville 

Disney on Ice- Raleigh 

Circus - Raleigh 

Medevil Times

Sue Patrick's Pottery 

Series With Jewish Awareness Ministries about Jewsih Customs and Holiday with Christian Perspective 

Rock Climbing

Temple Theater Productions 

USS North Carolina