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We are a Christian Homeschool Support Group that has been serving homeschooling families in and around Colorado Springs since 1996.


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Here is a little bit about us…


As stated above, we are... 

Christian… Being a Christian Homeschool Support Group does not mean that we simply bear the title “Christian”, nor does it mean that we merely assent to a Christian statement of faith. What it does mean is that the very foundation of our desire to help our members educate is rooted in our love for Jesus Christ and a passion for His name and renown. HOME wants to do far more than provide comfort, support, wisdom and counsel to homeschoolers. We want to create a community where every homeschooler receives Christ’s comfort, Christ’s support, Christ’s wisdom, and Christ’s counsel.

Homeschool… Our focus is on serving those who have chosen to disciple their children at home. Homeschooling is the home-based parent-directed education or discipleship of children. Simply put, we want to assist parents who are directing the discipleship of their children.

Support Group… As a support group we recognize that every homeschooler, whether just beginning or well-seasoned, desperately needs support. We need Christ’s comfort and counsel. We also realize that every Christian homeschooler can offer Christ’s comfort and counsel, because we are all a part of the Body of Christ and have been given gifts by God to do so. In other words, we need each other. That is why this group exists. We are a community of needy homeschoolers that can offer Christ’s love and support to one another.

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