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Welcome to the web site designed just for Homeschool

Support Group leaders!

Only those leaders who have group web sites with Homeschool-Life.com, in good standing and have completed their 60 day trial period will have access to this site. I have purposely included as little personal information about each group leader on this site for security and privacy reasons.

You need to know that you are among friends. Each of the members that belong to this site are leaders, just like you are. They share the same struggles, challenges and joys in providing leadership to their group.

This web site's purpose is to provide a means for support group leaders to:

  1. Communicate and ask questions to each other
  2. Encourage one another
  3. Share files, insights, etc.
  4. Assist in offering ideas to improve the group web sites
  5. Promote the services offered by Homeschool-Life.com to each other; using them effectively within your group/co-op.

    ?* Homeschool-Life.com reserves the right to moderate the posts and remove content that doesn't match the website's purpose.

Enjoy this site! Spend some time getting to know one another, maybe ask a question, introduce your self and go from there...this is your site!

We are open to hearing from you in regards to improvement and feedback on this site. Our desire is to make this a very resourceful tool for group leaders. If you have questions or comments about this site, please feel free to contact me at support@homeschool-life.com or call me at 920-755-0257.

Thank you all for your support of Homeschool-Life.com!

Larry Van Den Berg, Founder