Upcoming Events

Steering Meeting
April 27 - Monday
06:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Battle Gaming
May 4 - Monday
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Memorial Day
May 25 - Monday
Independence Day
July 4 - Saturday
Labor Day
September 7 - Monday

Agape Family Schools is a support group for homeschool families in Loveland, CO and the surrounding area. It is a forthright Christian organization established for the purpose of providing support, encouragement and information for homeschooling families. This pertains to homeschooling, and organizing activities for home schooled children including field trips and educational services. We hold monthly  meetings during the school year and provide many activities thoughout the year including  winter electives classes, mom's nights out, field trips and park days.


***Please note: October 1, 2014, all unpaid registrations will not have access to the Agape Group until their memberships are paid.  Please follow the link on the right side of our home page for membership request.  .  Thank you!***

Any questions: email agapefamilyschools@gmail.com