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 North Baldwin Christian Academy

 We are a Church School and Christian Homeschool support group. We schedule regular field trips and social time for our members.  North Baldwin Christian is an active Church school in our community encouraging Families to be  comfortable with their choice and religious right to home educate their children. You know your children better than anyone and have the God given knowledge to educate and provide resources to your own children. We DO require families to sign our statement of faith, but understand we are a group of families with many different religious backgrounds   working together for the same purpose of home educating our children. Our statement letter is Just asking for your signature showing you understand our beliefs.  We serve: BAPTIST, CATHOLIC, PRESBYTERIAN,  METHODIST, JEWISH, PENTECOSTAL, MORMON, CHURCH OF CHRIST, LUTHERAN, GREEK ORTHODOX, and NON- DENOMINATIONAL. We reserve the right to ACT If we  find that the household is not in conduct and in line with or if somebody is violating against the biblical principles stated in our statement of faith we will terminate the families membership. 

We are a blessed group of parents with individual ideas and teaching styles, no one style is better than another. Our members goals are the same -To plant the seeds of knowledge and love for our God and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Goal is to work with parents to develop children that are morally and  academically prepared  to reach their maximum potential.

We believe in the sanctity of marriage between man and woman. We Do not support those who choose to live an alternative lifestyle. We are open to all homeschoolers leading a CHRIST  filled life.

...whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31 

We have parents of children with special needs willing to share ideas and  resources  while raising children with disability.  These families are willing to share the homeschooling resources they like to use with their children and hope to inspire confidence in new parents facing challenges. sch as: ASPERGERS, AUTISM, ADHD, MENTAL CHALLENGES, PHYSICAL CHALLENGES, ALLERGIES, ETC.

Feel free to share new sites with us ,exciting places that would make a great field trip for our group along with any educational resources that would be interesting to our members.


North Baldwin Christian Academy  currently serves as an educational resource center for home educators living in Baldwin, Mobile, and Escambia county. We help parents locate a support group in the area you live in along with helping you find organizations which support home educators.
Need help teaching a subject ? We will help you find a shared class or co-op that will be willing to have your family  join them. Our goals are to grow a great network of families and organizations willing to work together to support  Home education in the south. Sign up  and register your family to begin a great adventure while homeschooling your children.
As our NETWORK  grows it will benefit our children in the extra curricular activities such as our homeschool prom, graduation ceremonies (Kindergarten and highschool) , social dances, and holiday parties.
We Host The Study of  Environmental  Science through Creation classes , along with Sciences, English Lit , Math , History,  Writing / Journalism, and educational fieldtrips are available for families. Open house  is held twice a year to our  members.
View our facebook page as "everyday is homeschool."
                                                           Five star dinner and entertainment for highschoolers
                                                                                        Drama Club
Classes available to area students are  Drivers Ed, Sports, ACT, SAT, Honor Clubs, Scholarship  Opportunities, Dual Enrollment Opportunities, and Formal Events along with a graduation program every year. Our students are well educated and  have high social skills.
Students wanting a completed transcript from our church school covering will need to submit grades and attendance. We require two weeks to complete the transcript. The sooner you submit your information the faster you will be given the completed transcript.


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