Upcoming Events

Civics Courthouse Field Trip
August 20 - Wednesday
09:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Co-op Classes Begin
August 21 - Thursday
Bible Bee
August 23 - Saturday
08:00 AM
Labor Day
September 1 - Monday
A Life of Faith Girls' Club
September 8 - Monday
01:30 PM - 03:00 PM

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Come into the FEAST Bookstore
August 11th-22nd

a 5 Subject set of Switched-On Schoolhouse! It just takes a few minutes of your time. No purchase is necessary to enter the drawing. Winner can mix & match subjects and grade levels. The product will be shipped directly from the publisher.

Civics Field Trip
Bexar County 436th Juvenile District Court 600 Mission Road,
San Antonio, 78210
August 20, 9:15am-Noon
with Judge Lisa Jarrett

This field trip is now full. You may RSVP below to be added to the waiting list. Check back here and watch future editions of MANNA for another opportunity to visit the courthouse.

This is a real courtroom with a real criminal docket. The court has scheduled a criminal docket and detention hearings for that morning. So you will be able to watch the criminal juvenile justice system from the courtroom. A prosecutor, defense attorney, and judge will talk to the class after the docket to explain what happened and answer any questions the class might have. Docket starts at 8:30am and usually runs to about 11 or 11:30. Space will be limited. It will be necessary to RSVP on the FEAST website. Please call or email Gale Sayers with questions - (210) 355-0575 or Hopegale50@gmail.com.

Co-op Classes Begin Soon!
The first day of Tuesday classes is August 19, and the first day of Thursday
classes is August 21. Click here for more co-op information.

Bible Bee
Saturday, August 23

Please be in prayer for the student participants and their families as they prepare for this year's Bible Bee. The 360 top-scoring contestants from around the nation will be invited to compete in the National Contest for a total of over $350,000 in cash and scholarships!



New Executive Director!

The FEAST Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Linda Whiten has been named Executive Director.

Click here for complete details.

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