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Friday Morning
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Friday afternoon
Children's Reading Hour
Children's Reading Hour
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Keepers of the Faith Banquet
September 25 - Thursday
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Culture Day
September 26 - Friday
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Children's Reading Hour
Children's Reading Hour
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM




Texarkana Organization

for Resolute Christian Homeschoolers





    TORCH is a local homeschool support group, serving Texarkana, AR/TX and the surrounding area. Organized and operated by parent volunteers, our mission is to support and encourage those pursuing the choice of homeschooling for the education of their children, and to represent the homeschool community in a manner that gives glory to Jesus Christ.

TORCH is a Christian group, operated on the basis of Biblical principles and living faith; we uphold traditional Christian values while welcoming members of all races, nationalities and backgrounds who subscribe to The TORCH Ideals. Our common bond is our concern for the education of our children.

   TORCH General Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month:

7pm-9pm Landmark Missionary Baptist Church

401 Vernal, Texarkana AR. 

In September Our Meeting will center around the topic of Learning Styles: Assessing your Child's Strengths and Using them to Boost Learning

Hope to see you there!

Visitors and guests are always welcome, and may call the President, LaRona Son, or any of the Board Members for more information.  Each meeting covers a different topic of interest to homeschoolers, upcoming events, and pertinent legal issues. TOASTMASTERS Gavel Club for teens and ART Class for children are offered during our regularly scheduled monthly meetings. 

Through the year we have Educational Field Trips, Bowling and Park Days, Holiday Parties and other family oriented activities.

Membership cost is $25 per year and may be paid when submitting your application. Applications are available in the left hand menu under Membership Info Pack, or at the monthly meetings.

Our current Newsletter is available in the left hand menu.